The dog, teacher of thinking?

Thirteen years spent in the company of Comédie, his dog. Audrey Jouglaprofessor of philosophy and collaborator of philosophy in the magazineinvites, in his book Montaigne, Kant and my dog. Little dog philosophy (Delachaux and Niestle, 2022), to reconsider the dog’s companion. Can we talk about a radical philosophical experience? For the author in any case, … Read more

Big win over freedom of speech as state witch hunt fails in The Sun’s Matt Hancock scoop – Reuters

A witch hunt in The Sun’s Matt Hancock scoop ended without even a single charge yesterday in a big win for free speech. A nine -month investigation was launched after we revealed footage of the former Health Secretary in a clinch with the help of Gina Coladangelo. We revealed footage of the former Health Secretary … Read more

Phobias of dogs: how to understand them, treat them and avoid them? – Understand your dog

Dog phobias are common. Exaggerated fears in the presence of certain people, the veterinarian or even if there are fireworks, these fears are difficult for the owners. Usually, they have their origin in the first months of the animal’s life. A dog that refuses to go to the vet at risk of breaking its collar? … Read more

what to book after the Angoulême 2022 festival?

A cunning Hawaiian story, a testimony from a child crime victim, clever and eco-friendly deeds, feminist maturation, a fake thriller, a bold reconstruction after a strokes … A selection of comics to discover for the Easter holidays. Choose from eight comic books for the Easter holidays: ‘Adieu triste amour’, ‘Hawaï solitudes’ … © Mirion Malle, … Read more

Olena and her two daughters, from Ukraine to Amilly, but without their pets

A few weeks later, Corinne Diette and Patrick Cerceau were far from imagining that from the two in their Amilly home, they would move up to five, and that.Olena, Yelyzaveta, are named Liza, and Victoria come into their lives. The couple, hurt and touched by this war that finally took place very close to France, … Read more

Thanks to the MFR in Neufchâtel-en-Bray, they are driving explosive detection dogs at Orly airport

By Writing Neufchâtel-en-Bray Published on 15 Apr 22 at 13:15 The Awakening of Neufchâtel Check out my news Follow this media Marine, Emma and Dorian came to testify. (© The Awakening of Neufchâtel) At the general meeting, the chairman of the board of directors, Michel Troudelooked back at the event but positive year on Rural … Read more