Top 10 favorite animals in French

Does the animal you love a little live under your roof? Under savannah ? In the depths of the sea? Among the favorites of the French population, not surprisingly, are species disciples and above all, many representatives of the fauna wild. Top 10 favorite animals in France. 1 – The dog Dog owners know what … Read more

The Tree of Oaths –

After the Battle of Waterloo in which he was wounded in the head, Aurélien returned to Pontvieil, his native village, in Albret. But her bridegroom was not waiting for her, and her estate, consisting of several acres of cork oak, was of little value. But while the new use of cork gives him unexpected insights, … Read more

Dogs: our 30 million French -recognized friends!

According to a CSA survey, most French people say they like dogs. This joyful observation can be explained by the many qualities that households impart to their 30 million friends. Good news for the 30 Million Foundation, which works daily to facilitate the adoption of abandoned dogs. 7.5 million! This is the number of dogs … Read more

SPAD dogs are on the rise

By Cassandre Baillargeon ANIMALS. The month of April was a strong start for the Drummond Humane Society (SPAD) as the organization marked a significant increase in canine entries. “Since COVID is small, we have started a lot of dogs again,” reports SPAD director general Philippe Labonté. For him, like other animal protection organizations, the current … Read more