Looking Ahead: Are We Ready For Metaverse Depositions? | TransPerfect Legal Solution

In the past two years, approximately 95% of deposits have occurred online through Zoom, Teams, WebEx and a host of other online video conferencing platforms. Technical support has become a core function for our entire team. Documents were originally printed and shipped nationwide, but businesses now generally embrace the use of electronic tagging and exhibit … Read more

Sylvester Stallone’s NFT Collection Is One Of Hollywood’s Largest Involvements In The Metaverse

Image source: Getty Images Sylvester Stallone’s new NFT collection could make Metaverse the perfect place to tap into your pop culture fandom. Key points Sylvester Stallone’s groundbreaking NFT Project bridges the gap between digital-only value and real-life experiences. PlanetSLY is one of the largest Metaverse-centric promotions in Hollywood. Metaverse is the future of fandom and … Read more