wondering if SEO still exists

The SEO activity allows SEOs to reflect on their vision of SEO, now and in the future. With many (many many) of questioning habits. The 7and edition of We Love SEO takes place on October 21, in the heart of Paris, at the Chateauform in the gardens of Saint-Dominique, but also online. JDN struggled with … Read more

Impossible raised $ 150 million to improve metaverse interoperability

It’s impossible to get $ 150 million for Web 3.0 Probably nota British company specializing in the development of technologies for metaverses and the virtual, has enough raise $ 150 million to make “M²” (MSquared). MSquared is defined as a result of the interaction between the blockchain and the metaverseand promises a interoperability between virtual … Read more

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Launches $ 250 Million Metaverse Fund

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) wants to attract luxury brands to enter the metaverse the HBAR Foundationthe origin ofHedera Hashgraph (HBAR), recently announced the creation of a fund dedicated to the development of the metaverse, the “Metaverse Fund”. The foundation will allocate $ 250 million to HBAR cryptocurrencies in this venture capital fund. According to a press … Read more

Into the Metaverse – The future of beauty retail and the customer experience

The pandemic is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and interact. Prohibitions, locks and rules on social travel have disrupted many social activities and consumers have resorted to online channels, and businesses have had to adapt. The adoption of digital products and services in the last two years has begun rapidly. According to a … Read more

Can your child enter the “metaverse”?

Witched on screen, a young Spaniard was witchcrafted to the point of being hospitalized in September. Addicted to immersive play Fortnite, causing a feeling among teenagers, the 15-year-old young man had to go through a “detoxification” because of his addiction to the virtual world to which he took refuge every day for hours. This news, … Read more

Love figures – Le Grand Continent

Inés Martin Rodrigo, The forms of cravingDestiny Editions, 2022, 329 pages, ISBN 9788423360895 André Malraux said that death is important only because it makes us reflect on the value of life. Writer and journalist Inés Martín Rodrigo, wins the 2022 Nadal Prize for her novel The forms of desire, can subscribe to French intellectual words. … Read more

Make the metaverse a museum? Back to the future for historic sites

Welcome to Animus! -Metaverse events around ancient and historic places will soon become a reality for new tourism. The Hermitage Museum, for example, opened his doors in the metaverse. Also, many castle owners have recently developed augmented reality for their properties. Some ambitious plans to attract visitors to the metaverse can also be a good … Read more