Toxic Relationships: 4 Everyday Habits That Make Them Better

If some of our relatives contribute to our well-being, others, on the contrary, seem to compromise it. This is where toxic, twisted and strong relationships take hold. Narcissistic perverts, manipulators, liars… these toxic personalities poison us. While they are often responsible for relationships that damage our mental health, sometimes our own behavior can be the … Read more

A fan wants to kill his security manager who is said to be against their relationship

AFP In France, the concern of a “sanitized” world without bullfighting “The fear is that everything will be sanitized, pasteurized, that we will erase” regional particularities: in Arles, in the south of France, lovers of bullfighting and Andalusian culture like Dalia Navarro are worried about attempts to ban in bullfighting. A Spanish tradition introduced in … Read more

His son Thomas, relationship with Françoise Hardy, his glasses, Corsica … Find out all

The sacred monster of the French song, Jacques Dutronc, who celebrated a 60-year career, was quickly removed from the stage where he interpreted hits that became cults on film sets. Not far from Françoise Hardy, with whom he formed a mythological couple, and Thomas Dutronc with whom he turned into a more complex father-son duo, … Read more

When to worry about dog vomiting?

A vomiting dog can be caused by a variety of reasons. It is especially associated with many symptoms such as mutual anxiety. Whether it is related to a poor diet, digestive problems, or even serious illness, when you face your four-legged friend in a critical situation involving vomiting, you must act as quickly as possible.. … Read more