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Armatis, a customer relationship outsourcing specialist and one of the leading employers in the sector in France with 5,000 employees spread over 11 sites, opens a site in Tunisia in October 2022. Franck Berthier, Deputy Managing Director of the group, talks about his vision of customer relations and his ambitions.

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With this new site opened in October 2022, Armatis now has 22 locations: 11 in France, and 11 internationally. Why put in Tunisia?

It was not initially a strategic choice because Amatis has always chosen France for the development of its activity. Our establishment in Tunisia is the result of the acquisition of Laser Contact in 2012. Although we have always favored the development of our activities in France, we are convinced that theohffshore is an alternative for our customers already positioned in France, because it makes it possible to offer them some alternatives and put their budget under control for some types of procedures. So we united Tunisia more like a complement the proposed offer.

How did you get involved in France?

In 2021, we are recruiting about 1,000 employees in 4 regions at sites in Châteauroux, Caen, Auxerre, Nevers and in Île-de-France to support leading companies in energy, e-commerce or even Telecom . In total, we have approximately 5,000 employees in the territory. Our commitment to our French territories a clearly stated ambition. The Armatis company has developed with strong values ​​to create and preserve jobs in high-value activities, in the territory and in the regions. Armatis also supports companies involved in the Customer Relations certification system in France: it is our DNAand it remains in mind a constant increase in the number of companies committed to the development of Made in France customer service.

Has this trend accelerated since the health crisis?

Absolutely. The customer relationship was initially considered a cost center. This view has grown significantly. Customer satisfaction has become first commercial and marketing machine from a company. This fundamentally changes the strategic vision that companies have in their development and emphasizes the fact that satisfying the customer, giving him a positive relationship experience and brand contact is a strong growth factor.

The rise of the web, social networks, opinions that can be posted by anyone, and their impact on the masses is a strong factor in the promotion or approval of a company. It changed everything. It is necessary take care of its customers because they are the first lever of growth. This is a position that guides our actions: Your Customer First.

What are your ambitions?

We want to continue our development in France, but also by internationalizing ourselves in the European market, the aim of which is to complete the company’s offer to meet the challenges of the multi-lingual European market. The idea is not to ‘offshore’ but to internationalize. In other words, we do not want to transfer operators for the French market to destinations with lower labor costs, but rather developing new geographies to develop the local or European market in a multilingual division.

This is the case in Portugal where we have centers dealing with the local Portuguese and Spanish offer and sites dealing with European customers who must have a multilingual customer relations centre. Our activity is similar to Poland. Tunisia, where we have chosen an offshore customer service service, complements our activities in France because we only work there for the French market.

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