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Find out the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 5 in advance episode 1064 on Thursday January 12, 2023 in France 2 with Guilhem already requested by Claudine.

The complete recap of soap opera Un si Grand soleil from 01/12/2023 with all spoilers and preview photos of the current episode 1064.

Cécile sees her couple falling apart: with Christophe will things get better?

Find the full summary at A big sun episode 1064 broadcast on France 2 on Thursday January 12, 2023 (preview the summaries of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes A big sun episode 1063 is online. offers you the summary to read below:

Christophe tried to leave early in the morning without waking Cécile. He woke up…he felt himself running away.
Cécile wants Christophe to tell her what’s wrong: Christophe explains to her that he’s having trouble fixing what happened to the dog. Cécile thought there was something else.
The couple could not speak to each other calmly.

Guilhem returns to school when he arrives at the office: he finds Johanna and Florent.
Florent makes the point about Claudine: he’s afraid she won’t give Guilhem a warm welcome. Florent stated that he did not want Claudine to leave the company.

Dimitri stresses that he will see Sandra again, he can’t stand acting anymore. Dimitri trusted Eva…he was convinced that Sandra wasn’t worth it.
Dimitri started his job at the musical instrument store with Sandra. He taught him to change a string on a guitar.

Guilhem had a big day

Guilhem arrived as the new senior lawyer

Charles asked Christophe if it wasn’t hard on Ziggy. Christophe admits that it is not easy to bite an animal, but it is more complicated when it is in perfect health.
Christophe thinks that this dog was trained as a weapon…but the responsible one is this c**** who trained him. Christophe was angry.

Manu asked an employee at the box of Hervé Rostand and Darius. He stated that the 2 bosses did not agree on the sale of the company. Hervé does not want to sell.

Manu such a big day

Manu asks Darius about selling Hervé’s business

Claudine informs Guilhem that if he has divorce matters, he can go and see him because he has established an activity that tests the fidelity of spouses. Claudine offers Guilhem to join the team 🙂 He says he will think about it.

Such a big day in advance episode 1064 on January 12, 2023: Is Dimitri too enthusiastic about Sandra?

Sandra tells Dimitri that he did well on his first day. Dimitri tells him it’s thanks to him and his kindness. He offers her a drink… she accepts for Thursday night. Her future husband offers her to come and visit the place for the wedding…but Sandra makes an excuse, she says she has to see her friend Coralie.

Claudine tells Enzo that her father Florent doesn’t want them to be together. Enzo didn’t understand because Florent was so hot.
Claudine then told Alix, they both thought that Johanna was responsible for the failure.

Dimitri had a big day

Dimitri seems to be bonding with Sandra

Christophe has been coming home for a long time, Cécile said that she cannot build a family because she knows that there is a problem with Achille. Cécile says she can’t find her place. Christophe thought he was being paranoid. The couple were arguing…and Achille witnessed it.

Eve is a big day

Eve pushes Dimitri to go for it with Sandra: the future of their box depends on it

Highlights Un si grand soleil on January 12, 2023: what to remember

Claudine had a great day

Enzo learns important information from Claudine

– Christophe and Cécile argue in front of Achille
– Christophe could not digest that Ziggy was hurt innocently in his eyes
– Claudine knows that Florent wants the association with the base of the company
– Guilhem arrives as a new expert lawyer
– Manu checks his investigation by checking Darius again
– Dimitri continues his work with Sandra

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