With Concept For Life, choose a food specially tailored to your dog’s needs

The product range of Concept for Life is extensive with many references to dry food. For medium-sized dogs, those that have been sterilized or even sensitive small dogs, you need to find quality veterinary food, made for your faithful companion. The recipes are designed without cereals to allow for optimal digestion. The intestinal flora of the dogs is respected, and they enjoy eating the different types of croquettes that are offered to them every day.

“Medium Sterilized” kibbles, for medium sterilized dogs

There is nothing like these kibbles to keep your dog healthy after his surgery. It does not contain grains for easy digestion, and contains proteins as well as vitamins, to strengthen the natural immune system. They are also rich in fiber to promote the feeling of fullness and prevent your dog from eating without hunger. These croquettes also reduce tartar and dental plaque due to chewing movements.

“Mini Sensitive” croquettes, to care for small dogs

In Concept for Life’s Mini Sensitive croquettes, you will find only one source of protein, lamb, as well as rice, which is easy to digest. These croquettes are designed to meet the needs of small breed dogs with a mixture of proteins, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They also help strengthen their immune system and improve coat shine or skin health.

“Labrador Sterilized” croquettes, tailored for your Labrador

Purebred dogs are known to be somewhat weaker. So they need a well-thought-out diet that best meets their needs. These croquettes are specially designed for sterilized Labradors, which have a strong predisposition to being overweight. They allow you to maintain a healthy weight of your pet, especially with fibers for a feeling of satiety. They contain glucosamine and sulphate, natural cartilage components to strengthen joints.

Why should the diet of sterilized dogs be adjusted?

If the sterilization of an animal is intended to prevent it from multiplying, the effects of this intervention last throughout the organism. In women, it is the hormonal balance that is most altered. Estrogens, sex hormones, disappear, which increases the feeling of hunger later. At the same time, a decrease in physical activity was observed in dogs and bitches. So it is important to change their diet to less rich foods because they have less energy needs.

You should also know that obesity is not without consequences for canids. In addition to the physical aspect, it can lead to various diseases such as diabetes mellitus, digestive disorders or even cardiovascular problems. Remember to closely monitor the evolution of your dog’s weight after his surgery and ask your veterinarian for advice. Also remember that transitioning your dog to a new food should be done gradually. If you change his croquettes overnight, he may get upset and not want to eat them. Incorporate it gradually into his routine until it is completely replaced. Also remember to give your dog plenty of exercise as he will have little desire to do it on his own.

How to make kibble tastier?

Sometimes it happens that dogs struggle with their kibble and lose interest in it. Before changing the reference, there are some tricks to try to make the croquettes more attractive to them. You can add fish oil before this. Dogs like to eat meat and fish, rich in protein, and therefore attracted to this innovation. To make them easier to chew and look more greedy, you can also put a little water in the bowl. If that doesn’t work, you can add fried eggs to your diet, or fruits and vegetables. It comes in a variety of flavors, which will please your pooch. Another tip, avoid giving your dog too much food. He may prefer it to his daily food and therefore avoid his croquettes hoping to receive small sweets. Don’t give him a bad habit.

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