Suffering from a syndrome that paralyzes his hind legs, this dog has been waiting for a family for over 2 years

Gravity is a beautiful 2-year-old dog who exudes joie de vivre. Its little particularity? A syndrome that makes his hind legs stiff. This does not prevent him from doing whatever he wants, except to find a family for life!

Found lost and paralyzed like a puppy

Gravity was found at 6 weeks of age on a farm in Tennessee. The puppy was determined to live his life, dragging his paralyzed little body as far as he could. The family that passed did not want to leave him to his sad fate and contacted an association to take care of him.

Quickly examined by a veterinarian, it was found that the puppy suffered a fracture of the spine and that, unfortunately, the spinal cord was affected. So there is no real hope for Gravity to regain full mobility.

Taken care of by Lindsay, his foster family, Gravity went through a rehabilitation program and made a lot of progress, allowing him to use his paws as much as possible. He became as skilled as his companions, even faster than some of them!

Although fed by his temporary family, the association was worried that he would not be able to find a family for him for more than 2 years.

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A company is interested in him

Discovering the story of this dog, a company specializing in equipment for disabled animals generously offered to help him by providing him with splints.

Thanks to the knowledge of the company Walkin’ Pets, Gravity discovered an easy way to walk, with more stability and less fatigue, and the photos of the pooch quickly attracted the interest of the national media.

“Gravity works really well with his splints. He loves walking and going to the beach with them. He’s very patient when I put them on, and they give him a lot of structure when he walks,” said Lindsay, her family.

Gravity, a disabled mixed-breed pup with straight leg syndrome, is looking for a forever family for the holidays. After 2 years in foster care, with no interest, Lindsay LaRocca (Gravity’s northern foster mom) is determined to find him

Gravity, a disabled mixed-breed pup with straight leg syndrome, is looking for a forever family for the holidays. After 2 years in foster care, with little interest, Lindsay LaRocca (Gravity’s northern foster mother) is determined to find him his happy ending. Gravity’s knees buckled, and he was paralyzed from the waist down – but surprisingly, his back legs were still functional! To help support and protect his legs, since he has no feeling, Gravity uses Adjustable Splints from Walkin’ Pets to stay mobile and independent. The perfect home for Gravity is one that has enough time at home to take care of his special needs. Getting into a routine/schedule is key for pets that are unrestrained and/or have other disabilities, and require a little extra time and attention. Pets with special needs are often overlooked by rescues/shelters, and are more difficult to adopt than dogs. If someone finds it in their heart to welcome a strong boy into their home this holiday season, that would be the best gift of all. Gravity is the “best boy” and lives life to the fullest – despite his condition. To apply to adopt Gravity, please visit: @defyinggravitypup on Instagram

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Despite this recent spotlight, the brave dog has yet to impress anyone.

Fortunately, his family says they are willing to wait for the perfect family, no matter how long. And although Gravity seems to be very fulfilled in this family, hopefully he will find his forever home, which will allow Lindsay to one day help another dog in need.

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