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For owners of dogs and cats who are fans of innovation, the Christmas box is essential at the end of 2022 as THE good gift idea. Already popular with people in the fields of fashion, cosmetics or even gastronomy, the concept is now available for our four-legged friends and some brands dedicated to animals have chosen to create a limited edition for Christmas.

This is the case of the brand of food and care for dogs and cats Lapsa, whose acceptance we were able to test a little in advance with some darlings. Each box is sold on the brand’s website for €19.90, which is the average budget expected by pet owners planning to spoil theirs for the holidays.

In the role of testers, a 13-year-old Italian greyhound, experienced with gifts of all kinds, and six cats aged 5, 8, 11 and 15, adopted from a shelter or taken by the way, more or less spoiled by life.

The surprise effect is guaranteed

The boxes, which arrived a few days before their opening, and were stored in the kitchen, did not attract the attention of their recipients. First good point: the surprise effect is better. On the day of unpacking, we are in the mood: we wait for the night, we light a little wood and we spread the contents of the boxes on the ground before warning the furry people who have something that interests them in the living. room…

The box for cats contains (among other things) a care product, food sachets, a scarf with a reindeer, a stick and many small toys with arrows and feathers. The one for dogs contains a grooming product, balls, soft toys, a string of chews, a rope ball for pulling fans, a scarf there are Santa Clauses and a big bag of chew sticks.

Let’s call the dog first (because it’s well known, cats never answer when we call). Equus, our senior dog, is the right customer for treats. His hearing was impaired by old age, but not his sense of smell: he could see them immediately. It is difficult, then, to get his attention through something else. Especially the squealing stuffed animals, he can’t hear!

Neither the ball, nor the stuffed animals and even the tow rope found favor in the eyes of Equus, whose age pushed him above all to worry about the small foods that were also in the box. (The Telegram/Virginie Chenard)

On the other hand, the noise attracts cats. Cleo, the youngest, carefully puts her paws between the toys and the treats, sniffs them, then marks them with her scent by pushing her chin. No doubt, he will love it! Arpège, the eldest of the cats, decided not to share in the festivities but sat on a small high chair, where he could easily observe the reactions of his roommates. Socrates is very interested in the cardboard and the papers inside, but despite the wisdom that his first name gives him, there is little chance that he will make the paper toy that is there: so many dots! Gioia digs out his favorite toy: the stick, which he quickly gets Santa Claus twirling on top of him. Arpège nonchalantly stretched out his foot when the red man’s beard exceeded his height… Just to show that he still had reflexes. Cleo took advantage of the commotion to cleverly take the ball away from the dog (whose eyes were still in the bag of chew sticks).

Quietly, the beautiful Cléo went around the toys and treats that were spread out for her and her roommates.  Everything is checked!
Quietly, the beautiful Cléo went around the toys and treats that were spread out for her and her roommates. Everything is checked! (The Telegram/Virginie Chenard)

The reception of scarves is more mixed: for cats, clearly and not surprisingly, it is not. Equus gingerly put on the rather soft piece of cloth, no doubt hoping to see his cooperation rewarded with another treat.

But the expected effect is there: the animals playing, feasting, looking at each other happily, the owners are happy to see their loved ones happy, all in a warm atmosphere where everyone is chosen which is good for the occasion. . The Christmas box, we validate!

Equus can wear his scarf even until Christmas Eve!
Equus can wear his scarf even until Christmas Eve! (The Telegram/Virginie Chenard)


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