Up to what temperature can dogs withstand the cold and how can they be protected?

Even with their beautiful fur, our dogs can feel the cold when the temperature drops in winter. Just like people, they sometimes get cold and sick! True, they have a level of resistance to cold, a little higher than ours, but that does not prevent our furballs from getting cold during the winter, when the mercury drops too low. Obviously, all dogs are different and some breeds develop more resistance, such as the Saint Bernard, the Husky, the Samoyed or even the Newfoundland and the Bernese Mountain Dog. In a study, Marshfield Animal Hospital revealed that most dogs have no problem with the cold as long as the temperature does not reach 7°C (45° Farenheit) ». Some breeds, with pathologies, diseases or different ages, can also be more dangerous » that others. Small breeds, for example, as well as dogs with short, fine coats, young puppies, old dogs or sick dogs, may have a higher risk. », developed GreenMatters on its site. It works for obese dogs as well as skinny ones.

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The cold can affect the health of dogs

In an article, the Santé Vet site confirms the fact that doggies can catch cool snap » and even got a cold ». Although it usually goes away in a few days, it is important to monitor your pet’s health status and take its temperature. Here are the unmistakable signs, according to Santé Vet:

  • General fatigue
  • sigh
  • A coughing fit
  • a cold
  • Slight fever
  • Abnormal loss of appetite

It is generally strongly advised to consult a veterinarian if your hairball shows these signs and especially if he has respiratory pathologies that can make him more vulnerable. Note that in the case of prolonged exposure to cold, the dog’s risk is to fall into hypothermia. Hypothermia in dogs is an emergency. This happens when the dog’s body temperature drops below normal body temperature, ie below 36°C/36.5°C. »Vet Health Alert.

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What steps should I take to protect my dog ​​from catching a cold?

To take care of your pet’s health, you need to be careful, especially in winter. Apparently there was no question of banning him from going out or not letting him go on daily walks. On the other hand, for your own good, it is necessary to adjust your walking time according to the weather, especially when it is snowing. If you want to organize a long walk, consider playing with him and run him as much as he can so that he spends time properly and warms up at the same time. You can buy him a very warm and sometimes lined coat, to protect him, like a child. Nowadays, many brands and other stores offer winter accessories for sale, such as sweaters or coats, but also socks and shoes (if your pet can tolerate it). You can find them online as well as on the Flotte brand website, which offers a collection in collaboration with Bandit. From down jackets to raincoats for stylish and protected dogs!


After his walk, make sure to warm your pet properly by running under warm water, his pads. Check them, as Santé Vet advises, to make sure your dog is free of scratches. Also dry your dog after walking in the rain or snow and remember to insist on his stomach, where the skin and hair are the best. In the presence of snow, be careful in this case that your dog does not eat it, which can cause diarrhea and / or vomiting, or even the risk of intoxication due to the presence of de-icing salt that is often used. »finally advised the site.

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