this behavior the queen could not stand, “it angered her”

The beginning of the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton is more troubled. In fact, they were roommates in university and still attached to each other, they could hardly hide their romance after their first kiss in 2002. On Christmas 2003, William formalized so his relationship with the beautiful brunette. The couple continued with royal outings and the young lady was increasingly scrutinized by the tabloids, as well as the Windsors.

it too much media exposure may cause a break within the couple in 2007. There are many reasons for this divorce. If others can stir up the pressure of the engagement or the omnipresence of the paparazzi, Robert Lacey, the royal biographer, thinks it’s better. Tired by Kate Middleton. According to his statements, reported by migratorythe latter can no longer bear to be “ simple boyfriend to the prince. At the same time, he should too face judgment of the queen to him.

Kate Middleton’s behavior has angered the Queen

Many British media, in the early 2000s, associated Kate Middleton’s behavior with a position” waited ». In fact, according to the statements of the time, the separation and the delayed engagement request are waiting for the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis. A posture viewed with suspicion by Queen Elizabeth II, as reported by journalist Elodie Petit in his book Kate Middleton, from dream to reign, released in 2015.

If the late monarch had ” always appreciated » the companion of her granddaughter, according to the information reported in the book, however she expressed her concern over the fact that the young woman did not “no real work ». According to the book’s author, Kate Middleton has ” put his life in brackets waiting to get married” William. Elizabeth II then announced that she had ” it doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed anymore “, unlike the prince who realizes several projects at the same time.

a” casual living against Prince William’s plans

In 2008, the young man got his diploma in the British army in the Blues and Royals. He also prepared, at the same time, to start training as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force. Meanwhile, the reporter reports that Kate Middleton spends her lunch hour with friends and walks around the neighborhood of Chelsea: a ” casual living [qui] upset[it] the Queen”. The press also focused extensively on Kate Middleton’s life choices during this period.

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Separated for several months, the former accomplices finally found each other in 2008. At that time Kate unofficially installed at Clarence House. His hobbies? Redecorate the apartments, cook dinner for his partner, and relax in the palace pool. The life of the beautiful brunette was described in the tabloids as a young woman waiting to finally be passed on to her. finger ring.

However, we had to wait until 2010 for Prince William hand request of her beauty. It was during a trip to Kenya that the young man married Kate Middleton, after a nine-year relationship. A few years ago, Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law showed a nice conspiracy. A sincere relationship, according to some Palace sources as well as various royal specialists.

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