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A boy tricked by his father into stabbing a boar to kill him at the end of a hunt. This is what we see in a video filmed by a hunter from the Marne and relayed by the naturalist Pierre Rigaux. The latter decided to file a complaint for acts of cruelty.

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These are the images that have shocked many Internet users since the beginning of the week. The ecologist and naturalist Pierre Rigaux published on his social networks on December 5 and 6, 2022 the video of a wild boar looking for where a child was called to kill a wild boar, no moving dogs, using a bladed weapon.

As the animal moaned, the boy’s father asked him to insert his knife into the animal’s body. “Don’t be afraid, hurry up […] Take it to heart”can be heard in the video.

“The child looks to be about ten or twelve years old”, Photo by Pierre Rigaux. “He goes in a way to push the knife several times into the body of the pig, between the dogs, while stumbling outside, with the pig howling. The video ends when the pig is not dead and the boy is still holding the knife. We don’t know what happens after that, but we’ve seen the pain side of it for so long. “

Warning, the images below may be shocking

The initial video was published at the end of November by a hunter living in the Marne. Until recently he was publicly accessible on his Facebook profile. Pierre Rigaux, an animal rights activist, realized this thanks to a report sent to him. He broadcasts only extracts, which he carefully blurs so as not to reveal the child’s identity.

To him, this scene was shocking in its inherent violence, but he was even more outraged that a small child had been brought to participate in it. “What’s even more shocking is that the boy is so young, he doesn’t really want to go and there is a physical danger for him. He found himself there in the middle of the dogs, he could fall at any time. to give a knife of a child, to tell him to approach among the dogs of the bush, against a pig that was openly fighting for his safety.

He decided to file a complaint in the court of Châlons-en-Champagne, on behalf of the association Nos Viventia (We are alive), which he founded and which he manages. This is a complaint for acts of cruelty to an animal.

“We have a rather blurred border between what is allowed and what is not. Hunting is allowed from the age of 15, accompanied by an adult hunter”, he remembered. But the act of finishing the animal “not considered by law as an act of hunting”, said the activist. “So a priori it is not forbidden to ask a child to do this, unless it can be considered an act of cruelty.”

This is not a complaint against hunting. This is a complaint against hunting abuses.

Pierre Rigaux

“We have the right to subject the pig or the wolf to all kinds of abuse that is forbidden to a domestic animal and even to a more severe punishment”, he added. “Wild animals suffer like domestic animals. Physically, it’s the same thing that happens to a pig’s body or a dog’s body. […] A mammal, whether wild or domesticated, feels pain in the same way.”

If you do that to a dog, it’s years in prison.

The activist often shares images of hunting, to denounce acts he disapproves of. But it’s rare that these images show children, he explained. “This is the first time I have a video, proof, of a child doing this. […] I am convinced that in fact, it is not unusual, except that usually, we do not have images.

In a few days, his video has been viewed several times on Facebook and Instagram, with many angry comments, but also others of a different nature. “There are some hunters who say there is no problem. They say: ‘We are educating our child, this is real life, you are vulnerable'”specified Pierre Rigaux, who nevertheless added that a small part of the hunters “say there is a problem, because the child is very young, because it is dangerous for him”.

He does not know if his complaint will succeed, because he claims that he is facing the limitations of the law. But even without legal action, it remains important in his view to criticize this kind of practice. “Our goal is to mobilize the hunting community and wildlife in general.”

In addition to the complaint, Pierre Rigaux also wants to make a report to the Unit for the collection of worrying information from the Marne Departmental Council (CRIP 51), because he considers that the child is at risk during this search. He plans to take this step on Wednesday, December 7.

We asked the Marne hunting federation about the scene relayed by Pierre Rigaux, we have not heard back. We also contacted the Châlons-en-Champagne public prosecutor’s office to obtain confirmation of the effective filing of the complaint. We are waiting for a response from them. This article will be completed accordingly.

Pierre Rigaux works almost full time on the issue of animal suffering, especially when it comes to hunting. It can rely on the regular financial support of about 500 people through the Tipeee platform. He said the donations collected were mostly spent on travel, accommodation or video equipment used for the investigations he carried out in the field. The man is also the author of many books. One of the most recent is, for example, dedicated to wolves.

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