his relationship with Deschamps, his duet with Tchouaméni, his future… Rabiot’s conference

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After Ibrahima Konaté, place for Adrien Rabiot. The two young players from the French team attended a press conference this Wednesday afternoon, three days before the quarter-final of the World Cup against England. The opportunity for the midfielder of Juventus Turin, at the end of the contract at the end of the season, to look back at his future, he who also talks about his short stay in England with Manchester City at the age of 13 years.

His relationship with Deschamps:

“We always had a good relationship, even before what happened before the 2018 World Cup. After that there were two years without contact. When I came back we talked very well. The relationship was very good right away, this -the relationship progressed from election to election, we got to know each other. Now, we are closer. »

“The best stage of my career”

“I had a good time. It also comes down to the fact that I have grown and matured, that my football has also grown. This is the best stage of my career. It exists in almost every industry. I am quite comfortable with the technical basics. It is more focused on a full game, with less downtime. This is also the truth of working in training, of trusting myself more. All of this has made me a more complete player than I was a few years ago. »

The physical aspect of his game:

“It’s important because, in order for me to really use all my potential, I need to be physically fit. And that’s what I’ve been working on since I joined Juventus. It’s true that I feel this change quickly. I’m allowed to be active for 90 minutes. Not less than the pace or little throughout the game. This is what made me evolve as well. In the past, sometimes I had holes for a few minutes. This fact that is very good physically method allows me to delete many things. »

The accolades since the start of the World Cup:

“I tried to stay focused on my football and the competition, not to spread myself thin. It can be easy, one way or another. There was a time when I got a lot of criticism but I didn’t get down. So, on the contrary, I will not burn. »

His time in England and his future:

“It was a great experience even though I didn’t do anything for a year. I feel very good, I really like the atmosphere around football, it’s different from France or Italy. I have always said that I want to play there, will my contract with Juve end? I don’t know. »

Kylian Mbappe:

“There is no confidence, this is our main weapon. But we also have other players who can make a difference in other ways. But we will not deprive ourselves of its performance. »

Media recognition:

“The recognition that gives me the most joy? That of journalists, you are more difficult to convince. I am often criticized, sometimes wrong in my opinion. This is a good recognition. I find that sometimes the reviews of my game is pretty rough. It is said that I play bad games when…”

His duet with Aurélien Tchouaméni:

“Aurélien has an important role. We play with a lot of offensive players. He has this role of the player who pays, who has to close the gaps, recover the ball. It gives me the opportunity to project myself, to play as I want to do, to go to the top. He has an important role in this midfield. »

A freer Rabiot according to Deschamps:

“Since I stopped asking myself about my position, I feel better on the pitch. Being freer on the field and in my head allows me to express myself better. »

A favorite club in England?

“I don’t have a favorite team in England, there is no team I want to play for. This is the championship that attracts me, it matches my qualities more. »


“They have very strong players on the side, attacking full-backs. At this level, we are the same. They will also be very careful because we tend to put them in trouble. It is a open game, with two teams that can resist. What makes the difference are the set pieces, we know they are very good. We have to be careful not to make the same mistakes as especially against in Denmark. »

The Middle War:

“We haven’t evolved much. But since the beginning of the competition, we have seen each other very well, we are complementary. In middle England, they have the same characteristics as us. Rice looks like Aurélien (Tchouaméni). »

Deschamps’ management of this group:

“He evolved. Over time, he has his little habits, he should be more peaceful, he approaches some topics more easily with the current generation. I find him very open, relax very. Before, I had a different eye, I didn’t look at some details, I was young. Now, I see that he has this ease in human relations. That’s what makes everyone get along. »

Any news from Pogba and the others injured?

“I have no news. The only one we saw here was Presnel, who came twice to join us. I don’t hear from others. »

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