CX Paris is all verticals, the best sector of customer relations

On the occasion of CX Paris All verticals organized on December 6, Caroline Adam, SP2C general delegate, Marie-Louis Jullien, Amarc general delegate and Michaël Pudlowski, digital director and customer at KPMG France, discussed the most efficient sectors of the relationship to the customer.

If the luxury sector seems to be at the forefront of digital technology and innovation through customer experience, the logistics and energy sectors show a lot of room for improvement.

According to KPMG France’s barometer, major differences can be seen in fact between the different players: the ratings given by the 7,200 consumers questioned this year in the KPMG study, differ to a point between the main sectors and the logistics and energy sector..

These same sectors offer some differences, says Marie-Louis Jullien delegate general Amarc. “Some seem to be natively directed towards customer expectations and we develop skills such as managing emotions, this is the case for the insurance sector, for example.”

For its part, SP2C notes the differences between brands in terms of customer loyalty. “The challenge is to find the right partners to partner with in a 360 degree experience”explained Caroline Adam.

Key reasons to be a “customer centric” company

the “customer centricity“observed this year by continuing the human experiences recognized by brands, according to a recent study by KPMG France. “Brands make it a point of honor to take care of their customers with human resources. Online or in store, they seek to understand the customer and create interactions and relationships, commented Michael Pudlowski. Thus they gain an ability to react, bounce back and understand the causes of problems that may arise and customer expectations. “

At the same time, the relationship between the outsourcer and the brand is evolving into “a win-win partnership and a vision that goes beyond customer management, added Caroline Adam, SP2C General Delegate. This partnership offers advice and creation of the customer journey. “

The ability of a structure to send information back to general management therefore seems essential to improve the customer experience. Marie-Louis Julien de l’Amarc, explains: “we know that often general managers ask for help to get back to a real customer, he explained. Thus they longed reattach” the entire company to the ground reality.”

Unique relationship strategies

Business sectors are changing and changing paradigms of relationship strategies. This is especially the case with Decathlon that rewards using the product more than buying it.This strategy creates a tendency to think not what the customer will buy but what he will do with the purchased product”, said Michaël Pudlowski, digital and customer director at KPMG France.

Another notable strategy in recent months is the one adopted by the Vitality team (in the e-sport sector, editor’s note) has recently released a new program to engage its fans.The idea is to rethink the relationship with the customer in a direct relationship, not responding to a customer but a person who values ​​the brand.explained Michaël Pudlowski. This person will immediately receive a reward when they mention the brand and promote their commitments..” This strategy engages consumers before and during their customer experience. Also note that the sector of Luxury appears at the forefront of digital, relying heavily on social networks and influencers.

The big challenges of 2023

Customer relations professionals “must stand out because everyone is working to improve their services, they need to keep the customers who are more demanding than the competition and finally give meaning to their actions”, summarizes Michaël Pudlowski of KPMG France. All this in an inflationary context”where it is necessary to restore the quality of experience and purchasing power of customers”added Marie-Louis Jullien d’Amarc.

For SP2C, theabout”CSR topics remain central to our concerns once again this year”, concluded Caroline Adam, general delegate.

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