Your dog can tell if your partner is cheating

The truth comes out of children’s mouths… And dogs, apparently! Yes, your dog may be the one to reveal your infidelity, or that of your life partner. Our four-legged companions actually have an art and a way to detect infidelity in a couple!

Walk away, a new excuse for unbelievers

According to a recent study by, the results of which were shared by Metro UK, it seems that dog walking has replaced the traditional happy hour in the ranking of excuses of unbelievers. Well, it doesn’t mean that on a small walk, you should look at your partner with a suspicious eye. butknow, however, that your dog is probably your best indicator of your partner’s betrayale, or your worst enemy in forming yours. So, before starting an adventure, maybe trust your dog, and think twice.

According to canine behaviorist Anna Webb, if dogs don’t understand the concept of fraud, on the other hand, they have the olfactory ability to guess if you or your partner went somewhere else or not. Yes, olfactory stimulation is the first source of distraction for our four-legged friends, so putting new scents under their noses on a regular basis will especially attract their attention, and stimulate them. your suspicions or your life partner.

The dog’s sense of smell, a sign of infidelity?

According to the behaviorist, dogs are attentive to their master, to the point of noticing changes in their behavior, their facial expressions and the scents placed on their clothes or their skin. In fact, if you venture down the dangerous path of deception, your dog may be the first to know about your little ones. extramarital affairs. “ Your dog knows exactly where you are. Their sense of smell is their super power. If he smells a new scent, he will remember it, especially if it is related to his master’s will. Does this smell mean that my person is happy, sad, stressed or anxious? », Anna Webb explains, « Dogs have 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to five million for us. So they can literally see their nose. But more than that, dogs have a dedicated area in their brain where they store all the smells they encounter. It’s like a big computer – a database of smells. So all dogs have the power to be detectives in your madness. »

Therefore, if you or your partner pays enough attention to your dog’s behavior, you can detect infidelity. Jess, interviewed by Metro UK, has been in a relationship for three months, and explains how her dog is quick to pick up on her little secrets. “I have a Cocker Spaniel who will hold me most of the day when I’m at home. But since I met my new lover – whom he has never met – his behavior has changed and I am afraid that my husband will notice. “, he explained,” My dog ​​used to greet me at the door but now he just looks at me and runs away. He became obedient before me. She wants my husband’s attention instead of me. He even flirts when I walk through the door “.

Another proof that man’s best friend is ready to do anything to preserve his little house, even if it means criticizing you if you have the idea of ​​cheating on your partner, or reporting his infidelity to you. A little communication and honesty, and you can avoid disaster!

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