After being chained for 8 years, a dog can’t believe he has his own bed

In South Carolina (USA), the Lancaster County SPCA rescued a dog, Stevie, who had been chained for 8 years in a backyard. The latter will be cared for in a shelter and finally taste the simple pleasures of life..

Steve was a blind dog who was about 8 years old at the time of his rescue, reports said The Dodo. He does not know freedom and love because he lives in chains outside. In 2021, he was collected by Lancaster SPCAwho worked hard at the shelter Ruff diamonds located at New York (United States).

Steve neglected all these years. He was blind due to glaucoma and heartworm disease. Cared for by caretakers, the poor man was infested with fleas, maggots and had to undergo surgery to remove a corn cob from his intestine.

Article illustration: After being chained for 8 years, the dog can't believe he has his own bed

Erin Boyd/Facebook

A favorite

Erin Boydwho is the host family for Ruff diamonds, tell to The mirror that he has a crush Steve when he knew him. He took her to his house temporarily. At first, the dog tends to growl and bark when he is in his crate. He didn’t want to go out.

Article illustration: After being chained for 8 years, the dog can't believe he has his own bed

Erin Boyd/Facebook

The family is patient, aware of the painful past of their protégé: ” We know he was just protecting himself […] We were very careful, knowing he couldn’t see and we didn’t know him yet. “depends Erin.

As the days passed, Steve He gets better and starts to trust his hosts. They brought him the love and comfort of their home.

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A comfortable bed

Steve has the right to a comfortable and comforting bed, which he certainly has never known before and his behavior proves it: he is very excited when he climbs into it! The animal jumped at it with enthusiasm. His little acrobatics have become a ritual, according to Erin.

Despite his disability, the dog quickly got used to his foster home: ” He learned to navigate my house very quickly. He could find his way out the back, through the garage and up three flights of stairs into the house. He knows how to wait for a meal in the kitchen when he comes in, and knows how to jump on my little round ottoman to lie on my bed. “He’s playful and appreciates hugs.

An obvious adoption

on instagram, Steve has his own story where thousands of people follow his life journey. On February 21, 2022, Erin announce in a publication that Steve has been adopted. He pretended to be a dog and wrote: I’m officially adopted!!!!! I’m not going anywhere!!!!! she [Erin] loves me more than I know and I’m used to my home, environment and routine – I don’t need to change it “.

After a hard life, Steve happy days are now flowing with the one who loves him at first sight.

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