Why Denji and Power shouldn’t have a romantic relationship!

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The anime Chainsaw Man features a wacky cast of lively, quirky characters that both embody and reject familiar shonen tropes and archetypes, resulting in some amazing fan art and expeditions. It’s one thing to recognize that Naruto/Hinata are perfect lovers or to cry tears of joy for Tohru and Kyo, but sending the characters to Chainsaw Man takes courage.

These characters are not typical friends or potential romantic partners. Most of the characters in Chainsaw Man, even the protagonists, are badass antiheroes with serious personal flaws and many bad or bad scenes under their belts. For example, Himeno, who wears an eye patch, and her stomach-turning kiss scene with Denji, and then there’s Power, Denji’s official partner and the amazing Best Girl of the show.

Why do fans imagine stories between Shonen protagonists like Denji and Power?

Anime fans love to embed their favorite characters in all sorts of ways, even if the two characters involved have no romantic feelings for each other in the original story. Fans can even cohabit with characters in an anime that isn’t as romantic as Chainsaw Man, using fanart, fanfiction, and other means to bring these unlikely lovers together.. This is often done for fun, to explore “what if?” scenarios. where two characters who hate each other secretly love each other, or even where sworn enemies have a romantic bond. There are also times when fans send characters to predict what will become official, canonical romance, or out of pity.

Many love-loving anime characters are unlucky and have a difficult life, so a sweet romance is exactly what the character in the official story needs to lift their spirits. Naruto Uzumaki was extremely lonely and no one could share his heart of gold. So fans correctly predicted that Naruto and Hinata Hyuga will meet again in Naruto. They both need it, with this potential romance relieving Naruto’s loneliness and giving the dandy Hinata more confidence in a lover to support her.. Demon Slayer fans may also be interested in the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado and Kanao Tsuyuri, both of whom have experienced heartbreaking loss and misfortune. A good love story can inspire Tanjiro and help him start a new family to make up for what he lost. Tanjiro can slash couples with Inosuke and Zenitsu to ease his loneliness.

These trends continue in Chainsaw Man, and some fans are wondering who will steal Denji’s heart. At the moment, everything suggests that Denji will end up with the mysterious Makima, due to Denji’s desperate crush on him and Makima’s seductive manner. Some fans may prefer Denji to his counterpart, Power, as they are both lonely underdogs who need someone to back them up. They also learn to get along after their danger with the Demon-Bat, and they live together and seem to enjoy each other’s company. In just a few episodes, Denji and Power become a dynamic duo with fun chemistry, opening the doors to serious expeditions. However, the Chainsaw Man story, and some fans, have other ideas.

The true nature of Denji and Power’s relationship


Denji and Power both need each other as desperate misfits desperate for stability, and in fans’ imaginations that could lead to an anti-hero-style pairing of two rowdies who just need each other. a little love in their wild life. It makes for great fan art, but it doesn’t fit the actual themes of Chainsaw Man. Denji, Power, and Aki Hayakawa are almost a blended family, with Denji and Power no one supporting and accepting them until the tsundere Aki is reluctant. It’s no match for the Forger family from Spy x Family, but by Chainsaw Man’s evil standards, these three make for a decent found family. Denji and Power platonically became a family, even though they annoyed each other with their violent behavior at times.

In that sense, Denji and Power are more like adoptive brothers.. They accept and support each other on the inside, while fighting and teasing each other on the outside, just like a true sibling duo. Siblings may often resent each other or consider each other family, but when there is a threat, they can fight without hesitation. Denji complains about Power’s sloppy and rude way of everyday life and Power thinks Denji is stupid and sentimental about everything, but they can’t bring themselves to hate each other.

Instead of falling in love, they come together to form a new family, and each of them has a place in their hearts for a different lover. Denji sees Power as his demon “brother”, while his potential girlfriend is Makima. Power has no apparent interest in romance or dating, but if so, he’ll look elsewhere and rely on Denji, his “brother”, to serve as his point of reference for what to look for (or not look for) in a partner. . Denji and Power open their hearts to each other, but not in this way. True love must wait.

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