This is where it all started: “I want Eliott to have a relationship with a woman”, revealed Nicolas Anselmo

For AlloCiné, Nicolas Anselmo makes revelations about the plot of the couple in the crisis of Eliott and Greg because of Jude in “This is where it all started” … Will the terrible lovers succeed in saving their troubled relationship?

For several weeks, Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) have been going through a couple crisis in Here it all began. Sickly jealous, the latter fears that his girlfriend will be seduced by the charms of Jude (Galaad Quenouillère), a newcomer to the Institute…

Blinded by the fear of losing the one he loves and manipulated by Brice (Jean-Védas Mata Nzadi), Greg returns to his evil ways … However, Eliott can’t bear to see his girlfriend harass someone, like what he did. him at the beginning of the soap opera.

How does “Greliott” handle these conflicts? Will their relationship emerge unscathed? For AlloCiné, Nicolas Anselmo made some revelations about the rest of the plot.

AlloCiné: Different visions of the future, disagreements in the kitchen, jealousy over Jude… Nothing is good between Eliott and Greg! Why did everything suddenly fall apart in their relationship?

Nicholas Anselmo: Like some couples, sometimes life choices diverge and when we don’t listen to each other or don’t respect each other, things fall apart. However, these differences are not necessarily irreconcilable. As long as there is communication, I think they will be found. But I am not the author of the series… This is my personal opinion: if we talk, we can change things.

Eliott finds Greg harassing him in the first episodes of “This is where it all started”. How does he live it?

Eliott discussed it with him. He realizes that this brings him back to their beginnings, when Greg attacked him… He says to himself that no matter how we change, we are still the same. But Eliott still loves him…even if he’s an asshole! (laughs) He can see other sides of Greg and when you love someone, it’s total.

Why does Greg allow himself to be so influenced by Brice?

He feels abandoned and betrayed by Eliott because of Jude. The story of their secret kiss that my character assumed in front of Greg and the closeness between Eliott and Jude caused pure jealousy. Me, Nicolas, I’m not really jealous or possessive so it’s hard for me to understand that… But I imagine that if you experience this, you’ll easily become paranoid.

Greg makes Eliott believe that he supports Jude but it’s a lie… How will he react when he finds out about this betrayal?

Eliott will be very upset to see Greg go back to his crap shots. He will be very angry with her and it will create other conflicts… It will not work out in their relationship.

Will Eliott succeed in exposing Jude’s stalker?

We understand that this is Brice and he will pay for what he did… But it’s not thanks to Eliott.

It was announced that Greg and Eliott will be separating soon… Is this a real breakup?

In my opinion, there is no end. Here, we can talk about a break… However, they hold each other and they love each other. There is nothing wrong with that regardless of their life plans. Eventually they will communicate and we will see what they decide for their future. No matter what happens, they will fight to make their relationship work.

Greg will find himself in charge of the Institute’s Christmas menu. Despite their problems, will Eliott support him?

Yes… Eliott will offer his help but will Greg accept it?

Was the kiss that Eliott and Jude exchanged wrong or did the latter have hidden feelings?

I will go to the second solution. At the time of their kiss, Eliott was speechless. He did not ask himself any questions … Jude tried once, he saw that it was not a strong “No” and we understood very well in Eliott’s eyes that he liked it … There is another test. In my opinion, Jude is not a threat. It will only sow doubt and it will create other conflicts.

Are you hoping this bullying line will raise awareness?

I love playing with this theme because it’s different from what we usually do. I like edgy, edgy Eliott. I also enjoy having things to defend and survive a little. I hope this story raises awareness. We do everything for it. There, we are only talking about one type of harassment because there are many of them, but I hope that people will be affected and ask themselves the right questions. It can really destroy a person and those around them. We really need to talk about this!

The fans of “Greliott” strongly expressed their anger when they found out that the couple was in danger …

I rarely see what the audience has to say, but their investment in “Greliott” is huge! We thank them every day from the bottom of our hearts for everything they do for us and our characters.

What are your hopes for Eliott in the future?

I wish he had a relationship with a girl! (laughs) I would like to show that he is attracted to all genres and that he can please a girl even if he is a man who wears makeup and wears a skirt. Or else I want them to experience something more free… They still have 20 years! At some point, you have to survive many things! But once again, it was Nicolas who spoke.

Do you see yourself for a long time in “This is where it all started”?

To this day, I still feel great about it. We’ll see what happens tomorrow… Like Mikaël, I’m still under contract for one year and if after that I stay to stay, that doesn’t interest me. If the events of the series are interesting, I may stack up again but we can’t predict what will happen in life! In the meantime, I’m here and I intend to defend many more beautiful things.

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