Mylène Farmer – Laurent Boutonnat talks about their relationship and their work together

Laurent Boutonnat’s words are rare….

Update Saturday November 26 :
Publication on the site (and in the paper version of the daily newspaper and the “Aujourd’hui en France”) of the entire exclusive interview given by Laurent Boutonnat.
He spoke for the first time – in almost 30 years! – on his journey with Mylène:

To the question: Will you work together again?
He answered: I don’t know, maybe? Let’s see.

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do amazing, Laurent Boutonnat gave an interview to journalist Eric Bureau. He evokes various events that took place during his long collaboration with Mylène.

mom is wrong

“At that time, she was doing theater, pictures, pubs, Jérôme (Jérôme Dhan, editor’s note) was a little in love with her. And he let her come to his house to do piano tests? She was attractive but she spoke . so little, he has something strange, he is so strange in his silence? mom is wrong, which talks about a psychiatric hospital. And we ended up recording it with him.
We didn’t have a single penny, we borrowed money from friends to mix the title in the studio. With mom is wrong, we toured all of Jérôme’s moped record companies. And we were fired everywhere, except Barclay and Vogue, for nothing. Is the song still a bit shocking? And then, the last label we saw, RCA, ended up signing him?mom is wrong sold over 100,000 copies. For us, it’s great!”

Giorgino a great stormy moment. I invested a lot of money in it, I financed it more than 60%. Polygram, which advanced the money, partnered with my company instead. So I sold my business and Mylène’s contract to Polygram.
Fortunately, it was worth more than my debt: Mylène managed to remain independent and signed a license (the artist owns her work, the record company supports the production, manufacturing and marketing where she rights holder, editor’s note) but all albums up to Anamorphosedin 1995 was picked up by Universal. I have no regrets about Mylène, who is amazing. He is one of the most pleasant people to work with in front of a camera, because he allows himself to be manipulated, in a good way. Like some Anglo-Saxon actors. And then he brings a lot more, to himself and to his characters.

ash of the moon
“So I found myself alone making an album with Mylène, which I have never done in my life. So, I sat down at the piano and I composed. I also made some text, such as Libertine.”
“He began to write like that, all night long. This text (that of More Growth, note) impressive and it clicked. He didn’t stop? It’s hard to write a song, but he has a real feel for the words, he’s good at it. will grow more is the first single from the album. Polydor made the choice. Me, I prefer to go out Libertine. But we listened to them. This is the only time (he laughs).”

No fake
“In my memory, the music of No fake, I am a boy came like that, then the text followed. These are intuitive things, which sometimes come off as a gimmick. Mylène is an intuitive, emotional sponge. Music is what always inspires him. Generally, I compose the music first, I play it to him or send him a demo and he works on the text. Then we polish together? And we’re spinning in the studio.’

Photo (+ photo news): Marianne Rosenstiehl

“Le Parisien” also interviewed the trainer and stuntman Mario Luraschi who worked with Mylnèe in several clips as well as Thierry Suc or Florence Michau, her riding instructor before she became a singer.

Mario Lurachiexplains that Mylène often comes with her dogs to her farm in Ermenonville for “fun or training.”
He told us he gave Mylène fencing lessons before filming the clip Fuck Them All.

Mylène Farmer and Mario Luraschi on December 11, 2015 during the inauguration of Espace Cavalcade Mario Luraschi
Mylène Farmer and Mario Luraschi - Photographer: Dominique Doumax - September 1988
Right image: Dominique Doumax

At his side, Thierry Suc looks back at the tragedy of 1991 and the killing of a Polydor record company receptionist by a ‘fan’:
“Of course this drama changes things. I was at the funeral of this young man… How can one not be saddened by this unfathomable act of stupidity? Mylène is clearly not responsible for this tragedy, but this moment corresponds to his departure for the United States (he will live for a year in Los Angeles and then in New York and record the album Anamorphosed, released in October 1995, editor’s note). He is far away. He is also allowed to lead a normal life, go to the supermarket, drive? What can’t he do here.”

Thierry Suc determined that he received many proposals for Mylène: series, films for the cinema, invitations from different media: “I spent my life refusing requests, more than 95% of the time. “

And this modesty that his fans know very well: “His discretion is also what contributes to my admiration. In a world where everyone expresses themselves to everyone, I believe that the public understands that the silence is gold. Mylène’s job is to make albums, shows, films, not to answer interviews and expose herself on television. She has to do it before being recognized. Now, she can be it doesn’t exist.”

Michel Sardouwho will also return to the stage in 2023 once again confesses his admiration for Mylène:
“Mylène has talent and originality. She is a face and a hard worker. It is interesting, what she says in her songs. She is able to capture the spirit of the times and to capture the public. She is the one at the top of my ranking. Her texts are different, of course, but there is something about her that reminds me of Barbara, whom I had the opportunity to know well. Like her, she has magic in appearance, in character, a something mysterious, which you rarely see in your life.”

Thierry Suc with Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat in December 2004 (press conference) - Photo: Claude Gassian
Photo: Claude Gassian

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