Moose hunting in the ZEC-BSL remains under the same rules

Zec Bas-Saint-Laurent does not intend to abandon the measures governing moose hunting since the recent 2022 hunting season.

On the contrary: “The new rules surrounding moose hunting in the ZEC-BSL are here to stay,” said President Guillaume Ouellet, in an interview with “Rendez-Vous Nature”.

The abolition of the combined package, which allows the purchase of an additional moose license “at a discount”, remains, the territory remains in five hunting sectors, the sale of the moose package until the day before the opening of the arch and crossbow was continued: “This step does not prevent access to the territory”, continued President Ouellet. Small game hunting, which is prohibited during the three moose hunting seasons with bow and arrow, firearms and gunpowder, will not change.

Return to CRR

The “Recognized Responsible Hunter (CRR)” pilot project, its goal is to inform hunters how to use better hunting equipment, and ensure accurate shooting, returned to the new formula, the terms to come. . CRR educated 1,208 firearms hunters, 899 crossbow hunters and 64 bow hunters, for a total of 2,171 participants. Many followed the double bow-crossbow and weapons training.

“Now that these hunters have been focused on the CRR program, they will be called upon to develop a voluntary approach. They will be more responsible and more recognizable. With all these measures, we have made a good step in raising the awareness of hunters in responsible shooting. We are restoring the moose to its former glory,” he said.

A detailed CRR report is in production. Also acting as vice-president of ZECS-Québec, Guillaume Ouellet plans to submit it to the managers of 62 other zecs in Quebec at the annual general meeting next spring.

ZEC-BSL moose in 2022: fewer hunters and lower yields

Moose hunting in Zec Bas-Saint-Laurent saw a decrease in the number of hunters, falling from 1,991 in 2020 to 1,820 in 2022, and the number of moose harvested also decreased, from 296 males in 2020, to 241 in 2020. 2022, for the same strict period.

416 groups of archers and crossbowmen took 95 animals in 2022; and 118 for the 471 group in 2020. The 449 rifle group harvested 146 moose in 2022, while the 505 rifle group harvested 178 bucks in 2020. The 22 gunpowder group in 2022, like the 32 group in 2020, it was recorded that there were no harvests. Note that in 2021, a year of permissive hunting, the 15 black powder group caught seven moose. The overall success rate stands at 40% in 2022, compared to 44% in 2020.

65 search

Bloodhound managers intervened in 65 searches in 2022, and 24 of them were positive. In 2020, another tough year, 76 searches were made, 29 of which were positive.

“The searches did not fall much in 2022, I agree, but since the hunters are sensitive to call a specialist with a bloodhound, it is normal that the number of searches follows,” said President Guillaume Ouellet.

In 2022, moose and calves were spared a strict harvest season, allowing harvesting of only males. (Photo courtesy of ZEC-BSL)

Zec Bas-Saint-Laurent can reduce the hunting season for moose with bows and crossbows, which are at the peak of the species’ rut and create strong hunting pressure. A measure desired by some hunters who believe in particular that the cross time is too long, that it favors bad shots; the targeted moose is usually too far for an accurate and fatal shot, and that duration does not help to protect and maintain the livestock.

The nine-day hunting season can be reduced to two days, by cutting off the second week. Or a four-day hunt, similar to a black powder hunt.

“Good ideas to help us come from hunters. Reducing the bow-crossbow hunting period is part of our considerations. A committee is working year-round on moose hunting. Is it a good idea to reduce the season of crossbow, certainly yes. Have we completed our analysis, no. We will see with the new Moose Management Plan, scheduled for 2024, “concludes Guillaume Ouellet, in an interview this week at” Rendez-Vous Nature “, especially on FLO 96.5 (CKMN), on Sundays at 11 a.m. The shows are repeated every Monday on podcasts at

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