Marl. If you see a stray animal, what do you do?

Fina, 12, is reunited with her family. All’s well that ends well. ©LPB

Friday September 9. It’s past 9 p.m., it’s late, according to a Facebook post: The dog crossed the level of the commemorative column of Montmirail on the departmental road 933“. A photo accompanies the post. Quickly passed on the wall of the mayor of Montmirail, the information affected many Internet users.

A message that a couple also heard Montmirail who hastened to meet the little stray dog. Without difficulty, he was found and the dog advanced towards the couple with enthusiasm. She is a female dog, she is not wild and loves company. We quickly realized that the female dog was not a child, which would be confirmed later. Very sociable, he is willing to go to people. We feel that this is a little dog that is loved.

Identify the animal and find the masters

It’s past 9 pm. The first instinct is to call the police. Maybe the owners contacted law enforcement to report their pet missing. This is a natural reflex because on the other hand, people who find a stray animal usually contact the police to identify them. Thus contact is made immediately. In this case, however, the gendarmes have no information.

The Municipal Police of Montmirail has a small electronic chip reader to find the contact details of the owners, but at this time the municipal police office is closed. Second failure. However, the reflex to call the municipal police is also good. Like the gendarmerie, the municipality is alerted for cases of stray animals. Not only does it have a reader, but also a cage to accommodate the dog while waiting for a decision to be made or families to be reunited.

There are still veterinarians who are also equipped with this electronic chip reader, but here again the hospitable people come up against a wall because the clinic is closed.

For Fina unfortunately, none of the three possibilities provided a solution. The couple decided to welcome the little dog while waiting for the morning.

Saturday, September 10, 8 am The Montmirail veterinary practice has just opened its doors. The hosts of the night rushed to the clinic accompanied by a small dog. Unsurprisingly, the vet placed his reader on the dog’s collar and found the identification chip there. Owner found. The dog also recognized and responded to his name. Finally. He is really old, since he was born in 2010.

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In perfect health, without any injuries or wounds, the little animal is quietly waiting for its “host family” for the arrival of its owners. Happy and joyful reunion. All’s well that ends well.

All means to help find the masters

As we have seen, social networks sometimes help a good cause. The little dog is safe and sound. What would have happened to him without this distress call posted on Facebook?

Usually, it’s just a small carapate with no consequences and the dogs can easily find their masters as explained by mayor Étienne Dhuicq: “When, in the countryside, we see them, we don’t collected systematically. We observe the behavior and see if it returns to a village, a village or a farm. In most cases, it is actually a small runaway without gravity and the animals have returned to their homes.”

In other cases, unfortunately, and as we see in this summer season, there are tens of thousands of animals left cowardly on the side of the road or in a forest. A tort, it carries a prison sentence of up to two years and a fine of up to 30,000 euros. Despite the threats of these sanctions, almost 60,000 of them abandon their pets every year.

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