Disney Dreamlight Valley: 8 tips to get the adventure off to a great start

Learn how to make the most of your first few hours at Disney Dreamlight Valley with these tips that will help you progress faster.

Despite the planned launch in 2023 on all platforms, Disney Dreamlight Valley already have many followers. Offered in early access, the title combines all the magic of the Disney universe with gameplay similar to Animal Crossing.

But if the game remains very casual and accessible to all ages, it also includes more complex elements such as exploration, cultivation, inventory management and relationships with other characters. Finally, it offers a wide range of customization options, both for the character and his home.

With so many options, it can be easy for new players to get lost. In order to start the epic well in this world plagued by thornsdiscover our tips to use when the Dreamlight Valley tutorial ends.

Go on an adventure with a partner

Decades ago, a hero wearing a green dress and pointed ears heard this advice: “It’s dangerous to be alone”. Well this is also valid in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fish next to Goofy

After the first preliminary quest, your character can start an adventure freely. However, it is best not to explore the valley alone. Be careful, this doesn’t mean you have to play with other real players. But rather to invite the inhabitants of the valley to follow you in your ways.

Once you get relationship level 2 with Mickey, you can invite any friendly nature to travel with you. If you do, you can rapidly increasing its level through resource harvesting.

You can also assign a specific task to each character and so on increase the amount of resources harvested when he is by your side.

Save money (even if it’s tempting to spend it at Scrooge’s store)

With its store full of clothes, accessories and furniture for your home, Picsou’s store is an invitation to temptation. but it is more sensible to save money, especially at the beginning of your epic.

Scrooge's Department Store in Dreamlight Valley

The rooms have many functions in Dreamlight Valley. In addition to allowing you to buy items, they can needed to accommodate new residents. Sometimes they are too required to complete quests.

So the ideal remains to save them for these specific points. But also remember to treat yourself occasionally when a “favorite” piece appears in the store.

Upgrade Goofy’s Inventory, Pits, and Stands

At the start of the game, inventory areas are limited but sufficient for your daily tasks. However, you will have quickly need more space to store more resources. So remember to upgrade your bag from time to time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A well in Dreamlight Valley

Among the very practical elements of the game, there are also wells and stands of Goofy. The former is allowed easily move to other areas. Unblocking these wells will therefore help you save time.

As for the Goofy stands, they act as traders. In these principles you can resell your surplus items or recipes. Like wells, open them when you find them because they are always useful.

A crazy booth

Talk to the residents of Dreamlight Valley

In addition to managing your character, resources, and household, your relationships with the residents are central to the Dreamlight Valley game.

Talk to them every day, you will increase your level of intimacy with them. This action only takes a few minutes and will be useful for good relations with your neighbors. And like Animal Crossing, you can also give them a gift.

Giving a gift increases the character’s experience and if you offer one of the 3 favorite gifts to the character in question, the experience gain is greater.

Interact with many Disney heroes like Moana

Be careful of any night thorns encountered

If Dreamlight Valley is a game reminiscent of Animal Crossing, it includes a threat of elimination. Forgetfulness, a type of evil energy that causes harm, sometimes occurs as thorns in the night. It grows every day and hinders your progress.

Removing them allows both restore its beauty to the valley but also to recover some rewards. Thus, you can get the coins mainly by removing the thorns in the house.

Thorns at night in Dreamlight Valley

Returning home to refuel

Your character has a stamina gauge. And if it is almost empty while you are near the village, go back to your house. Just go home will automatically restore your full bar of energy.

Your home in Dreamlight Valley

Open the kitchen immediately

If this part has something to please fans of Pixar and especially the movie Ratatouille, the kitchen is an important element of Dreamlight Valley.

In fact, this additional activity allows both of the restore the energy of your avatar but also the residents of the valley. Due to Oblivion, hunger has invaded the village and the residents must regain their strength. Cooking ingredients harvested or grown in your garden will help them and make them happy.

Create cooking recipes with Rémy

The kitchen also has the advantage of being fun, easy to use and represents a real challenge for 100% fans. In fact, there is over 165 recipes inspired by Disney films but also recipes from the 4 corners of the world to make. bonus, the kitchen can be opened as soon as the tutorial is finishedso don’t deprive yourself of it!

Save the Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards

Money isn’t the only best thing stored in the game. The Dream Shards too. This pink colored resource is one of the rarest in the game. And it can have many uses.

A dream shard, a rare resource in Dreamlight Valley

Sometimes dream shards are about the requirements for completing a quest. This resource can also transformed into Dreamlight, a form of magic that expands the valley and access to new areas.

However, it is recommended to save Dream Shards and only use them when needed. In fact, you will always find a way to get Dreamlight while Dreamlight Shards are much harder to get.

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