Wednesday requires a more supportive mother-daughter relationship

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Netflix series, Wednesday.

On Netflix Wednesday, being an outcast is not unusual in a world full of magical and mythical creatures that wander alongside the Normans. However, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) and his family — Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones), Gomez (Luis Guzman), and Pugsley (isaac’s order) – outcasts among outcasts, living in their own world where low is high, kidnapping is fun, and funeral clothes are always in style. This makes it difficult for Wednesday to arrive at Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts. He is the odd one out in a sea of ​​people who don’t fit society’s basic definition. When he becomes drawn to the ongoing murder mystery plaguing the school and surrounding town, Wednesday offers no one he can fully trust.

“Wednesday” destroys mother/daughter

At least Wednesday has his family to lean on for comfort – oh wait, that’s not true. When one encounters this embodiment of the Addams Family, the rocky dynamic could not be clearer. Wednesday is completely disgusted by the overly loving relationship of his parents, because Wednesday could not be more against human relationships and intimacy. This weakens their bond, while Wednesday doesn’t respect his brother enough (seeing him as weak and changeable) to consider him an equal or someone worth his time. However, the most difficult relationship is Wednesday and Morticia, who are immersed in the tired politics of teenage dramas about what it means to be a mother and daughter in the modern era.

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Wednesday wants to be like his mother, actively trying to separate them from his own mind and the thoughts of those around him. He makes snide comments to his mother, pointing out her weaknesses at every opportunity. She exhibits qualities that many might consider strengths, such as Morticia’s positive outlook and loyalty, while being rude and cruelly mocked by her mother. Meanwhile, Morticia tries to bridge the gap between them without fundamentally changing who she is, giving Wednesday room to work through her own issues and figure out who her family is. Overall, the whole schtick makes Wednesday seem like a petulant child. However, there is some potential for Morticia and Wednesday’s relationship to blossom into something never seen on TV. Both women are cut from the same black cloth, contradicting and balancing each other perfectly in their respective worldviews. Morticia sees happiness and joy, while Wednesday sees despair and hopelessness, heightened by their psychic abilities. They have an amazing bond, which would have given the show so much if they weren’t pushed into the old teen drama roles we see so often on TV.

An almost perfect example of this is Wednesday finally confronting her mother about killing Garrett Gates during her parents’ stay in Nevermore and confessing that she had visions. Morticia opens up to her daughter about Garrett, revealing the fact that he stabbed her and blames Gomez. They begin to understand each other and want to do anything for their loved ones, which we saw from Wednesday’s perspective in the first episode when he released the piranhas in the school swimming pool to take revenge. Next, Wednesday reveals her visions, something Morticia has a lot of experience with as she has had visions since her time in Nevermore. They discuss the ancestor Goody Addams and her witchy ways, offering new insight into her abilities and how to continue her investigation on Wednesday. With these interactions alone, Wednesday’s mind was expanded and changed forever from simple, honest, good conversations with her mother.

This is not the Addams Family we know and love

Morticia has a lot to offer her daughter, and it’s a testament to who she is that she doesn’t force herself or her thoughts on Wednesday. Sure, Morticia makes the occasional comment about how she wants Wednesday to get over this mother-hating episode, but that’s about it. She respects her daughter’s boundaries — well, those that don’t interfere with her public display of affection for Gomez — and harbors no hard feelings when her daughter goes wild. Morticia is also well versed in the ways of the witch, knowing that Wednesday is on a dark path because her abilities see her as a “raven” who could potentially lose her mind if she doesn’t. it will be controlled.

One thing the Addams Family is known for is their loyalty to one another. They love each other through it all, even the worst aspects of their characters. They do everything for each other, maintaining unbreakable family ties. That said, this battle between Wednesday and Morticia doesn’t need to continue. It’s a lackluster and lazy way to prevent Wednesday from trusting those who know him best, but that’s exactly what we need to see. She’s already formed lasting relationships in Nevermore now, so this is the perfect time to bring everyone together and get rid of the petty and tired feud between mother and daughter.

This is a time in Wednesday’s life when she needs her mom’s guidance, and it’s not good for Morticia to log off (as she did the rest of the season) and let her daughter hang out. waging war with the spirit of Wednesday. He was in danger of disappearing into the darkness of his visions, which suited Morticia well enough to help him stop. The separation of mother and daughter and the conflicts of the first season felt like a disappointing and uninspired way to continue the mystery when Morticia was so quick to help him during his visit for Parents’ Weekend. Let’s see them work together, really. It offers more for future stories, playing on the bond of the Addams family that everyone loves without the angst of teenagers, and this is the relationship that these two women deserve.

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