Video test of the Sulhberg silence rifle during a small game hunt

Since yesterday evening, the web of hunters got this amazing photo of our editor-in-chief with a special weapon on his shoulder. In fact, our friends from the Pisteurs network (135 gunsmiths in France) sent him a twelve-gauge Sulhlberg over-and-under rifle earlier this week.

Of Turkish origin, Sulhberg rifles allow hunters to equip themselves at a lower cost while having in their hands a simple, modern and reliable rifle. We also previously managed to present during the Game Fair the model intended for young hunters

What we did not do, by posting this photo with this weapon for less original. So yes, let’s cut all the style and design criticism. This silent rifle is not meant to enjoy a golden display in your gun room. The main purpose of this weapon is obviously to reduce the noise for the hunter and other users of nature. This will also allow you to avoid alerting all the surrounding wildlife that you are preparing with your pointer to rake the territory being searched for, for example a beautiful golden brown.

As part of this test, I was able to shoot 33 cartridges on this hunting day organized in a family territory and that, excuse me a few years ago, got the honor of Laurent Perrier a few years has passed. This territory preserves the population of wild pheasants as well as companies of partridges and hares. So we were lucky enough to test this rifle in extreme hunting conditions.

Weight is not a problem!
Obviously when you look at this weapon, you can expect it to weigh a ton! Well, not really. It weighs only 3.3 kilograms which is comparable to the weight of a 12 gauge steel top and bottom. Obviously, the weight of the gun is carried forward considering the moderator attached to its end. We hunted all day and I didn’t feel heavy!

Noise, like a rifle moderator!
As for the noise, unfortunately I don’t have a sound level meter that I measure in decibels. All I can say is that I have the same shooting sensation as I do hunting with my Atec suppressor. I never wore a helmet all day and shooting never bothered me. For information, the last time I fired more than thirty cartridges without a helmet with a twelve gauge shotgun and 32 gram cartridges, I had the right to a severe headache. There, that was not the case. In addition, the recoil is clearly not very important, which gives a certain relaxation when shooting.

Does it swing?
As for the shooting, we have to get the hit! In fact, this 57 cm sound moderator fixed on the barrel changes the purpose a little if you are used to a traditional over-and-under shotgun. Our silencer is a continuation of our barrel with a ventilated band and a front sight that is placed slightly higher at the end of the barrel.

So I shoot the same way as any shotgun or trap, taking the same leads. Thus I managed to get 11 partridges for 33 cartridges fired, which is acceptable considering this first test. I was surprised to land some partridge at a very high altitude. The weapon is straight and long shoots which can be a real plus for pigeons and even duck hunting enthusiasts! I didn’t feel any loss of performance during the shots.

Technically, this weapon has 83 cm barrels, an ergal receiver with a bronzed finish, a walnut pistol grip, fixed chokes. (lower 1/2 and upper 3/4 choke) and an extractor. This weapon also proved to be iron.

A conclusive test?
Here is a gun that costs 1200 € and that will allow hunters to shoot birds in peri-urban areas without alerting all the neighbors. Personally hunting a tree in a communal that welcomes cyclists, walkers or riders every day, I find that such a production is very appropriate. The weapon works, even at a high rate of fire.

And side of the cartridges!
This weapon apparently can swallow everything. I took advantage of this test to hunt with Prevot cartridges. In the lead of 5, the copper cartridges of 28 grams (fat wad) that succeeded in bringing the birds. I also tried the Super Prevot (at 6) and the traditions topped the 8. With the traditions I had the best performance. Finally I also tried some birds with 6 lead subsonics. If the noise is clearly reduced, shooting a bird at full speed is not easy because you have to double the lead. So these cartridges are more suitable for stationary targets.

In the end, should I buy or not?
If you live in a city where you want to save your neighbors from their late morning on Saturday or Sunday morning. If you don’t want to wear headphones all day. And if you want to try to get the birds from part of your territory and then try a shot shot at the end of the day, I say Banco!
1200 €, the price / quality ratio is very good.

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