These dogs and cats are waiting at the refuge of Nargis: discover the pictures of Molly, Mowgli, Dijo, Ben and Maguy

Molly8 months

surname : Molly
Sex : Female
Age : 8 months
RACE : Not disclosed
tour : A unique look for this female dog of small size. He was lucky enough to be in foster care after being found wandering in Romania.
Anger : He is full of energy, sociable, flexible in nature, loves human company and his 4-legged friends and is full of energy. You should give him a minimum education even though he learns quickly because he is smart.
Her ideal home: A beautiful little dog looking for his home with a wonderful family.

Mowgli, 10 years old

surname : Mowgli
Sex : Male
Age : 10 years
RACE : Not disclosed
Anger : He was very shy when he didn’t know, he was afraid to leave the shelter to walk but now he is better. He is quiet and calm.
Her ideal home: He only wished to have a warm basket, hugs from his masters with short walks.

Dijo, 3 years old, husky

surname : Djio
Sex : Male
Age : 3 years
RACE : Husky
tour : He was dropped because “there was no time for him”.
Anger : Djio was a bit suspicious at first but we quickly became friends with treats and outings. He is a dog that you need to get to know, show him that he can trust you and you will have a great life partner. He also likes everything with fur, so we avoid the chicken coop.
Her ideal home: He is a true sportsman, who likes to run to reserve for a sportsman (or one) who likes to walk, even if it is a long walk.

Ben and Maguy, 3 months

surname : Ben and Maguy
Sex : Male and female
Age : 3 months
RACE : Not disclosed
tour : Brother and sister, they are waiting for you at the shelter for an adoption that will give them a good life as a cat, together or separately.
Anger : They are kittens, with the advantages and disadvantages of kittens.

Useful information

It should be noted that each shelter has adoption conditions. They can be viewed on their websites (links below).

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Shelter of Nargis

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Rfrom Montabon, 45210 Nargis

Such. : 02 38 95 88 48
Mobile: 06 49 45 99 22
Email: [email protected]


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