Ayem Nour was abused in her relationship with Vincent Miclet? “Here’s the back of the decoration”

It was in 2013 that Ayem Nour became the partner of Vincent Miclet, a rich businessman who was 23 years old. Three years later, in June 2016, they welcomed their first child, a little Ayvin, who suffered, despite himself, from his parents’ misunderstanding. In fact, a few months after the birth of his son, Vincent Miclet announced his separation from Ayem Nour and admitted that they remained on good terms. But we have to believe that the truth can be very different.

Vincent Miclet and Ayem Nour @DR

On November 15, Vincent Miclet posted an alarming message on his Instagram account. In the caption of a photo of Ayvin, whose mother has always insisted that she not be exposed on the Web, the contractor admitted that the latter had kidnapped their child : “After dropping my son at the American school, his mother Ayem Nour with the connivance of his mother Farida took him from the school without my permission. no news from Ayvin”.

Ayem Nour answered

Shortly after this announcement, Ayem Nour denied the accusations of Vincent Miclet and delivered his version of the story, which was criticized at the same time as “a dramatic and dangerous situation”. According to Lyonnaise, Vincent Miclet, who lives in Morocco, it is said that their son’s passport was confiscatedthus preventing him from returning to France, where Ayem lives, who claims to have taken custody of Ayvin: “It is important that you discover the true face of this man and those around him. Pay the pseudo bloggers to try to push me to commit suicide or anything that will never work. My priority remains my child”, he declared, before warning them that he would “take care of them soon”.

And Ayem kept his promise since he once again took to the floor to make serious revelations. On November 23, she posted a photo on Instagram showing red marks on her neck, with the caption:

2016. Now I will reveal to you the truth.

That got him sued for defamation by Vincent Miclet. But that was not enough to shake the 34-year-old young woman, who recently filed serious accusations against her ex.

“It’s a choke for a few seconds”

This Saturday, November 26, Ayem Nour took out his phone to reveal more about this photo that caused a lot of noise. The columnist of TPMP People clarified that Vincent Miclet would not have hesitated to attack him physically :

I’m tired, the dream continues. My son and I have been sequestered in Morocco for thirteen days now.

He wrote in a long message posted on Instagram, before painfully recalling the sordid details:

And no, it’s not just scratches, unfortunately. It is a strangulation for a few seconds, with the will to cut off the breath. This act can be fatal. All this in our home, in the presence of our baby who is a few months old.

Ayem No continues:

The next day, I, despite everything, removed the antenna of my show by covering my wounds with a neck brace to hide the truth and to cover this monster once more…. A handbook, a medical certificate as well as the exchange of e-mails confirm this. And this was only the beginning of the atrocities I experienced. So here’s the spooky behind the scenes you get for a fairy tale from the beginning…

Vincent Miclet’s reaction

Ayem Nour’s message did not escape Vincent Miclet, who quickly denied what his ex said. And to explain that they “share custody” of Ayvin, who “hasn’t been to school since his mother took him”:

This is a legal interference with the rights of this child. (…) Unfortunately, Ayvin remains his mother’s business. The facts reported to you are misleading and part of a real set-up of which I am now the victim.

Written by the 57-year-old businessman, who said he was “the victim of a real conspiracy on the part of Ayem and his mother for years”.

Vincent Miclet also denied the accusations of violence, indicating that it was a “way to black out {in} and still make headlines”:

I have nothing to be ashamed of myself and I will act at all costs so that this man’s actions stop and that the truth comes out.

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