5 effective tips to prevent hair loss in your dog

In some circumstances, such as during shedding, it is completely normal for your dog to shed. However, it is useful to know other possible causes to know how to react as soon as possible.

Before knowing what to do against hair loss in the doglet’s find out what causes it.


Moulting : this is one of the main reasons, as we have already mentioned, that happens at certain times of the year, it is a time of change. Dogs shed hair every day, but sometimes the hair loss is more severe. It usually coincides with temperature changes. In fact, this coat change has a sense of acclimatization and adaptation to the surrounding environment. For example, after the spring moult, a thin coat is likely to appear to keep it cool. It should be remembered that it all depends on the breed of your dog. In fact, breeds like the Boxer, the Beagle or the Saint-Hubert shed more hair than other long-haired breeds like the Schnauzer or the Shih Tzu.

allergies : This is another one of the most common causes hair loss in dogs. In this case, the first thing to do is to consult a veterinarian. Unlike moult, we see that our dog scratches more than usual or has some kind of skin imperfection.

Hormonal disorders : Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes or hypothyroidism are three of the diseases that can be the cause unusual hair loss. As with allergies, expert advice should be sought for the most appropriate treatment.

infections : if your dog suffers from hair loss in a certain part of his body and also has a type of inflammationit is most likely an infection caused by a mushroomsa chipa louse, a tick or bacteria. To combat any infection, you should visit a veterinarian and have your dog checked regularly until the infection clears.

5 tips to solve your dog’s hair loss problem once and for all:

1 Brush your dog once a day : using a brush adapted to the type of coat of your dog, you must brush it gently and in the natural direction of its coat. This daily routine will not only control your dog’s hair loss, but also activate blood circulation for stronger, healthier growth.

2 Choose the right shampoo : as part of the regularity of bathing for the health of your dog, it is necessary to use the shampoo that best suits the characteristics of its breed and coat. By keeping your dog clean and adding daily brushing, you can help prevent hair loss.

3 Basis of food : The food adapted to each dog is not only a fundamental basis for its health, but also makes our animal’s coat more shiny and prevents it from losing a lot of hair during shedding.

4 vet visits : the coat is linked to the health of our dog, therefore, a visit to the vet will give you security about your animal’s condition and help you avoid hair loss that is not natural.

5 Pest Control : because this is one of the causes of hair loss in our dog, it is important to control any parasites, fleas or ticks that can cause your dog’s skin to bite, as well as hair loss. more abundant hairs .

it 5 tips to reduce hair loss in dogs can be accompanied by good hygiene at home. Keeping the floor clean and vacuuming surfaces that are likely to pick up your dog’s hair will help you enjoy good health for the family, including your pet.

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