In the United States, Emmanuel Macron wants to ease diplomatic relations between the two countries

Does Joe Biden have anything to forgive? A year after “betrayal” The American-British of the Aukus pact signed with Australia to the detriment of their French ally, he offered Emmanuel Macron a state visit, the first for a foreign leader since he took office in the White House. As explained by Rufus Gifford, the US government’s chief of protocol, the state visit, “This is our best in terms of hospitality at the highest level of diplomacy”. Emmanuel Macron already has this right for his visit in 2018 under the Trump presidency, and no other French president has been offered this privilege twice.

For the Élysée, the Aukus movement is far from over. Our ambassador to Washington, Philippe Étienne, former diplomatic adviser to Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée, was recalled to Paris last year, a first between the United States and France, their “oldest ally”. Now, this same seasoned diplomat is organizing the reunion because the war in Ukraine has fueled distrust and anger.

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Emmanuel Macron likes to compare Franco-American relations to the failed love between Romeo and Juliet. He recently named France Romeo, when American natural gas to replace Russian gas boycotted by the West sold three times more to Europeans than to American industrialists. . Will Juliette be a war pensioner? Does Juliet truly love Romeo? Does their equality risk becoming vassalage?

What comes next after this ad

“Resynchronizing the agendas of America and Europe”

If the President of the Republic is not afraid of the Inflation Reduction Act (law on the reduction of inflation), voted by Congress this summer and proclaimed by Joe Biden in mid-August, it is because this envelope of almost 400 billion dollars is more protectionist in its goal to decarbonize the American economy punishing the same efforts made by the Europeans. According to Paris, just because Joe Biden accepts the EU’s desire to be more autonomous doesn’t mean the American deep state is willing to accept a little extravagance. Among the Democrats, who in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron adopted the same agenda of America First as the Conservatives.

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What comes next after this ad

What comes next after this ad

According to our information, before leaving for Washington, the Head of State will receive for lunch Tuesday at the Elysée the Franco-American Business Council, 19 French bosses (half a dozen of them will be part of his delegation) and 14 Americans from the world of finance, agribusiness or public health. Already on November 8, in front of another audience of business leaders, Emmanuel Macron complained about a “unfriendly attitude” from Washington and claimed to want to plead with the White House in favor of a “fair competition on fair terms”. In the words of an Elysian counselor, it is therefore a question of “resynchronizing the agendas of America and Europe”It seems unfair, seen from Paris, that France and the EU are paying the heaviest price for the energy and inflationary crises born of the war in Ukraine.

“There is a tense climate there that has descended into a crisis of confidence among Americans because they no longer include Europeans in their thinking and calculations, commented Alexandra de Hoop-Scheffer, vice-president of the German Marshall Fund for questions of geopolitics. France and the EU do not want to become collateral victims of a more global confrontation, that of the competition between the United States and China. »

A shock of proposals

Awaiting possible American derogations in favor of the Europeans, especially in terms of energy, the relationship should go through a shock of proposals, it is estimated in Paris. This is what Emmanuel Macron will do at the Library of Congress, where he will talk to French and American colleagues from the nuclear and space industries or the field of quantum research. Coincidentally, the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) between the EU and the US will meet on December 5 in Washington. He will also try to clarify his position on the Indo-Pacific. In Bangkok, at the Asia-Pacific summit, his small sentence in China and the United States, “two elephants got very nervous and started a war in the jungle”, not appreciated in Washington. Especially when he calls for more cooperation with “Tigers and Monkeys”, an allusion to other partners of the Chinese and Americans. Under the title “Goodbye La Fayette? »conservative columnist Tom Rogan even wondered if with such a speech Macron did not choose his camp, China, “no honor” as well as the reception that Biden reserved for him at the White House.

There is a tense climate there that has descended into a crisis of confidence in the Americans because they no longer include the Europeans in their thinking and calculations.

While waiting for the big State dinner to be offered Thursday night under a big marquee on the south lawn of the White House, where Douglas Kennedy, Claude Lelouch, astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Sophie Adenot, Bernard Arnault, Xavier Niel and others. celebration of Franco-American friendship, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron had time the day before to enjoy “friendly” a private dinner with their wives Jill and Brigitte. Maybe in a restaurant in town, we were told. One of the favorites of the Biden couple is the French one called Le Diplomate…

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