here are 11 phrases that indicate your relationship is about to end, according to an expert

Sometimes, certain phrases, expressions or small words say a lot about your life as a couple. If you pay attention to these words, sometimes there is still time to save your love relationship. Many experts have put eleven sentences that should inform you in your relationship. For the website trouble, these specialists have decided to reveal statements that prove that your romantic relationship is unhealthy. If you find that one or more phrases are being said by your other half, it’s time to get worried right away.

  • “I need to focus on myself for a while”

Have you ever heard this phrase? It started badly. In fact, experts believe that if a couple’s relationship is very balanced, the goals of each partner should be the same and compatible. “If your partner is focusing their attention on things that have nothing to do with you, it could be a sign of asking. By focusing on [lui-même] only your partner can lay the foundation to move forward.” So it is good to understand how you are an obstacle to his goal.

  • “You deserve better than me”

Who hasn’t heard this sentence during a breakup? So, if your partner has expressed this expression while you are still together, the search is clear: your lover or partner wants to send you a message. “Your partner is trying to give hints about a possible breakup, just wants to know how you feel by asking in a weird way, or trying to manipulate you into thinking that you might find someone better, and so make it up to you to end the relationship”, explained Julia McCarley, professional matchmaker.

  • “we need to slow down”

This question of time is important to couples. “People who are deeply in love with each other usually want to move on quickly. If your relationship is moving fast and your partner suddenly asks you to slow down, it could be a sign to ask.said Jonathan Bennett.

  • “My friend thinks we should break up”

Introducing a third person into your relationship is never a good sign.. “He may tell you that his best friend, his co-worker, his psychotherapist, etc., think you should break up, and that you should be better, etc.” If this happens sometimes, it can also be a technique for your partner to tell you without telling you that he wants to break up.

  • “I need time to myself”

Of course, it is very healthy for a couple to have time for yourself, sometimes focusing only on your needs and desires. However, this little phrase can also say something else : “If your partner has to ask you to take it, this is a sign [qu’il peut] disappointed to spend so much time together. It shows that he is questioning your relationship.”says Jonathan Bennett, expert on romantic relationships.

  • “You haven’t texted me in a while”

This is one of the most thrown words in a couple. “They’ll say things like ‘if he doesn’t text me this morning, it’s definitely over’, or ‘if we fight with the in-laws again, I have to end it”. These are good signs that someone is looking for something to help them make a decision about their relationship, because they are struggling with whether to stay or not. They then look for black-and-white answers to simplify the complexity of the relationship.explained Linnea Mavrides, one of the experts.

  • “I’m not in the mood…”

Many couples have problems with their sexuality. First experts show that low libido does not mean lack of love. However, Kimberly Hersheson explains that this could be a bad sign. ” When others invent excuses not to have sex […]this is a sign that something is up.said the therapist.

  • “Why do you always leave the dishes in the sink?” »

Housework is often a source of conflict between couples. But always blaming your partner is not a good sign. ” Those who doubt their relationship may complain about little things that didn’t bother them before.”psychologist Danielle Forshee explained.

  • “I didn’t think you wanted to come”

This seemingly innocuous little phrase is loaded with meaning. In fact, if your partner is used to making his plans without you, it is because in the end your presence is not necessary. “If you’re the one who feels like he’s doing things you’re not into all the time, that could be a sign that you’re questioning the relationship yourself,” says therapist Kimerbly Hershenson.

  • “I feel like I know you”

“If contempt is common, it is a good sign that there is a problem in your relationship. Research shows that the more, the more likely the relationship will end. If you think your partner is questioning the relationship, you can talk about it”says Mikela Hallwark, professional marriage counselor.

  • He didn’t say anything to you

If you feel that there is no communication between you and your partner, you have to start by asking yourself the right questions : “For example, if you’re in a relationship and your partner goes out of their way to tell you how much they love you, how much they want to see you, or how much they miss you, and suddenly stop to make these statements, it should be considered as a red flag.

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