His son Thomas, relationship with Françoise Hardy, his glasses, Corsica … Find out all

The sacred monster of the French song, Jacques Dutronc, who celebrated a 60-year career, was quickly removed from the stage where he interpreted hits that became cults on film sets. Not far from Françoise Hardy, with whom he formed a mythological couple, and Thomas Dutronc with whom he turned into a more complex father-son duo, Jacques Dutronc lived peaceful days in Corsica with his new partner.

Sacred monster of French song, Jacques Dutronc still at 79 this cheeky and elegant rocker hides his subtle appearance behind his timeless Ray-Bans. Once the idol of the yéyés, this Havana-smoking rock dandy who is now celebrating a 60-year career can easily disappear from the stage where he interprets hits that have become cults on film sets. Not too far from Françoise Hardy, whom he embodied in a mythical couple, and Thomas Dutronc who he formed a more complex father-son duo on the stage as in life, Jacques Dutronc found the his refuge in Corsica with his new partner.

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What are his biggest hits?

The first guitarist then assistant artistic director, Jacques Dutronc saw his career as a singer disappear thanks to a decisive encounter. At the end of the 1960s, the path of the young singer crossed that of the lyricist Jacques Lanzmann. Both Jacques will sign the most famous pipes of Jacques Dutronc as”And me and me and me“,” “It was five o’clock, Paris woke up“,” “The opportunist“where”Cacti“. Songs that are almost part of the French heritage.

True to friendship, Jacques Dutronc counts his lifelong friends Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell in his happy band. The three old rascals, who had met each other as children in the Square de la Trinité, then met at legendary Golf Drouot. A fictional concert hall in the yé-yé years, the Golf Drouot was once one of the most famous radio-hook venues in Paris where Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and the Chaussettes Noires and Jacques Dutronc made their first appearances. step on the stage.

Jacques Dutronc married Françoise Hardy, how long was their relationship?

Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy were one of the most legendary French couples of the 1960s. The two yé-yé stars who started dating in 1967, waited until 1981 to finally say yes! Together they have a son, Thomas Dutronc, born on June 16, 1973. But only one year after the birth of Thomas that the singer moved with Françoise Hardy. Separated since 1987, the two artists never divorced and even remained very close.

Why did Jacques Dutronc have the reputation of being a seducer?

or Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hady know great moments of happiness, their couple also suffered from many infidelities of the singer. In the set of The important thing is to love Jacques Dutronc lived a passionate love story Romy Schneider. But the playboy did not stop there, he is also the father of a girl named Aliyawas born in 1970 from his relationship with a Tahitian named Tera.

Who is Sylvie Duval, his partner?

In 1997, on the set of Place of Vendôme, a film by Nicole Garcia in which he played alongside Catherine Deneuve, Jacques Dutronc met Sylvie Duval who was a make-up artist on the set. Since then, the lovebirds have not left each other.

Where does Jacques Dutronc live?

Built over the years on the island of Beauty, Jacques Dutronc found refuge in Monticello, a small village located above L’Ile-Rousse. It is in this property far from the world, built by Françoise Hardy more than fifty years ago, that Jacques Dutronc lived happy days with his partner. Sylvie Duval and the many cats she adopted.

Why does Jacques Dutronc never take off his sunglasses?

If Jacques Dutronc is rarely seen without his cigar and his black leather jacket, it’s almost impossible to see him without his famous sunglasses. When the Cactus singer hides his blue eyes behind his Ray-bans, it is said to protect his light-sensitive eyes.

What is his relationship with his son Thomas?

While father and son Dutronc recently recorded their first album together, the highly complex duo is currently on stage for a tour of the streets of France, Switzerland and Belgium. Now united by their common love of music, father and son don’t always have a simple relationship.. The 49-year-old musician especially evokes his youth at a distance with his father “We never talk (…) We don’t talk about feelings. We do little together, but we live together, we communicate a lot through unspoken words and silence.” he confessed to his visit to the set Discard the arts in April 2022.

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