Attacked by two Picardy dogs, a calf in intensive care

Since the previous day, a sad story has been widely shared on social networks: that of Early Time Carnelle, a donkey attacked by two dogs, Monday in Oise. If the equine, whose important prognosis is involved, still fights for its survival, assisted by veterinarians, Romain Marcatté, its breeder and owner, begins a legal battle to, at least, to get the compensation for the damage suffered.

In a calm voice, without omitting any detail, Romain Marcatté recounted what happened on Monday in Sénots, a village located between Gisors, Chambly and Beauvais, in the Oise. At the beginning of the afternoon, he received a call from the manager of the stables where his son, named Early Time Carnelle (Z, El Barone 111 x Cumano), was riding, telling him that the latter was riding. “Brought back by a man and he was badly beaten”. Asked about the state of his gate, broken, a neighbor looked at the recordings of his surveillance cameras to understand what had just happened. Then he discovers the terrible scenario that the child has suffered in a meadow.

Early Time and his grazing companion are chased by two dogs, a stick and a pit bull. Both jumped the fence, the two calves were found outside their pasture. If the second, who emerged unscathed, managed to take refuge, Early was not so lucky. “There is a thirty minute video where the colt can be seen being attacked, tangled in the gate in an attempt to defend itself and then stuck in it, allowing the dogs to eat it alive, before it dies. . They specifically attacked the jugular of Early, who managed to get up and get himself out of the gate. At that moment, one of the dogs grabbed one of its branches and then they disappeared from the camera” said Romain Marcatté.

In a second video, where the sound is more important than the image, we hear a woman, hidden, calling one of the dogs by name. “After the accident, a man, who claimed to be working on the street and found him, brought the calf to the manager of the stable, a tie around the neck, before leaving immediately”says Romain Marcatté, before adding: “The woman did not help the calf when she had the knowledge to do so”he thought he knew. “While the dogs were harassing, he also did not enter the property to try to stop them” the breeder is sad.

Three days after the attack, the child’s prognosis was still poor despite the care provided. “A vet came that night. Within two hours, he cleaned and stapled the wounds so we could get him as far as we could. At the Maisons-Alfort clinic, he spent a lot of time in surgery. According to ultrasounds and X-rays done, fortunately there were no fractures or tendon lesions. However, a broken canine tooth was found in the shoulder and a nerve and raw bone were affected. The dogs devour the pulpit, leaving gaping wounds that heal only as a second intention, that is, on their own, and if there is no infection. Without articular lesions, especially at the level of the fetlock, the important prognosis may not be included. However, some tests are not possible due to the risks involved. One must have a strong heart to see the images of the donkey after the attack. According to the veterinarian who was in charge of writing the report, there was intent to kill. The dog attacked the vital parts many times: the jugular, trachea, lungs and heart, not to mention the arms. It’s a miracle he’s standing”thought by Romain Marcatté.

The child is still in intensive care.

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A legal battle

Also, Romain Marcatté started a legal battle. “I first filed a criminal complaint, which was not accepted. In the eyes of the law, the conflict between a dog and a horse has no place in criminal proceedings because they are both considered objects. Fortunately, a gendarme finally took my complaint by delegation, which allowed me to file a second one at the Beauvais district court, in civil proceedings”he said. “I breed one or two calves a year with the intention of selling, which is no longer possible for Sayo. According to the vet, even if he can compete one day, we will not be able to sell him. Purchase visits are so difficult that a horse with such injuries will never be accepted.

After the call for witnesses on social networks to find the owners of the two dogs, a great wave of solidarity was created. And the man who brought the donkey would have gone to the gendarmerie himself. Romain Marcatté also received several gestures of solidarity. “As a farrier and amateur rider, I traveled all over France and got to know many people. In particular, people offered to come and help me change clothes if I had to be absent.”

From now on, Picard aims to get compensation, without putting the dogs’ lives at risk. “As a staff owner as well, I know that accidents can happen and I don’t want to euthanize these dogs. On the other hand, the attitude of the owner, which is fairer , bothers me. In horror, I understand that the actions are not right, but I will not accept the fact that he did not intervene to help an animal. I hope that the fact that he was allowed to be eaten by a dog who does not give help will be punished. who is a passerby lambda intervention is not normal, but that the act is deliberately hidden bothers me.

An investigation is ongoing, and the prosecutor’s office in Beauvais does not want to publicize the first elements.

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