A dead dog and several maltreated and malnourished puppies were discovered in Couzeix

It was the local residents who informed the national police: they criticized the noise pollution coming from a kennel in a plant in Couzeix.

These neighbors specifically explained that there was possible mistreatment of animals.

On Wednesday, November 9, the police went there and discovered a dead dog and her four puppies locked in a cage, without water or food. The puppies were then treated at the SPA in Haute-Vienne.

“Poly-parasites and multiple body lesions”

“The examinations carried out revealed that these animals were poly-parasitized and showed many wounds on their bodies”, determined the national police.

At the site, investigators discovered an area that looked like “a wild dump in an advanced state of unsanitary”. Most of the dogs were not there that day, some were used for hunting.

The owner of the dogs contacted the police station on Wednesday, November 9 to report the theft of her dog and four puppies.

Invited to report to the police station on Tuesday, November 15, he was arrested and placed in police custody. After the first objection to the search of his house, a second visit was organized in the presence of several police officers in the headquarters of Couzeix.

A dozen dogs were later found

At the site, a dozen dogs were found tied to trees, with no kibble or fresh water available to them. These animals, in a delicate state of health, flourished in the middle of various dirt and filth, before being entrusted with the step to the SPA in Haute-Vienne.

The vet’s report mentions “thin, dirty animals with head and ear injuries”. Only three of them can be identified.

During his hearing, the respondent then denied the abuse and explained that he takes care of his dogs “as it should be”.

Summoned for “animal cruelty”

At the end of his extension in police custody, the 52-year-old man from the Traveler community, and member of a hunting association in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Couze, was informed in a call before an official of the judicial police next March, and in particular must explain himself the facts of “an act of cruelty to animals”.

As a reminder, pets must be registered in the national identification file for domestic carnivores (ICAD), under penalty of a 4th class fine that can amount to €750.

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