People who have complexes about their bodies have less satisfying sexuality

Loving your body is essential for our sex life. The way we feel about our bodies and our self-esteem has a real impact on the quality of our sex life. According to a study published in Archives of Sexual BehaviorSexual anxiety is an important factor in explaining how satisfaction and good body image affect the quality of a couple’s sex life.

According to researchers from Simon Fraser University, people who are unhappy with their weight, shape and appearance are more likely to suffer from sexual anxiety, which makes them and their partners less satisfied with their sex life People with a negative body image are less sexually fulfilled.

Sex life: 123 couples were surveyed

“I’m passionate about this area of ​​research for two related reasons,” said study author Marissa Bowsfield, a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University and a member of the SFU Close Relationships Research Lab. She first argued that “body image problems are very common and they don’t just affect women”. In fact, the researcher recalled that “people from all genders experience body dissatisfactionregardless of their actual body morphology or BMI”.

The author also insists that “sex is an important part of most romantic relationships and can affect the overall satisfaction of the relationship and, in turn, the satisfaction of a person’s life.”. To reach these conclusions and understand the interactions between a person’s body esteem and sexual satisfaction, Canadian researchers asked 123 couples living together.

Level of sexual anxiety related to BMI

In practice, they answer four online surveys in one year. According to the study, couples stay together on average 4.19 years and most couples (86.2%) reported being monogamous. The first conclusion drawn from their responses, women and men with a higher BMI tend to report lower levels of body satisfaction. Overweight people therefore tend to love their bodies less according to researchers.

People who feel more satisfied with their bodies are less likely to agree with statements like “I feel anxious during sex.” On the contrary, they are more likely to agree with statements like “My partner makes me very happy sexually” and “My sex life is fulfilling”. Researchers have also found this A person’s level of sexual anxiety is related to their partner’s level of sexual satisfaction. But even after controlling for BMI, the researchers found that a person’s body satisfaction was not directly related to the quality of sex through general sexual anxiety.

Poor body image affects sexuality

“Basically, the less satisfied women and men are with their bodies, the more sexual anxiety they experience during sex (eg, anxiety, distraction, inhibition) and this sexual anxiety predicts poor sexual quality for both women and men and their partners at one year,” said Marissa Bowsfield. PsyPost.

“In other words, A bad body image does not only have a negative effect on an individual’s sexual experience, but also with his partner. This is probably due to the fact that Individuals experience anxiety during sex which interferes with their ability to fully engage in sexual activity”.

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