At the congress of mayors, Emmanuel Macron is trying to calm the relationship with the elected officials

“Mr. Mayor, are you okay? Is morale good? Don’t give up! » Emmanuel Macron began this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at the beginning of the afternoon, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris, a walk among the elected officials. The President of the Republic multiplied handshakes and selfies in the corridors of the Salon des Maires, which is in a different pavilion than the one hosting the 104th Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF).

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Welcomed by the LR president of the AMF, the mayor of Cannes David Lisnard, he approached the positions held by groups and companies, followed by the ministers of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti, Territorial Cohesion Christophe Béchu and the Minister Delegate for Local Authorities Caroline Cayeux.

The mayor of Cannes and president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) David Lisnard welcomes Emmanuel Macron upon his arrival at the AMF congress in Paris, Wednesday November 23, 2022. © LUDOVIC MARIN/POOL/EPA/ MAXPPP

The mayors told him their problems, especially the “Crazy energy prices”.

On the stand of a company that recycles bulletproof vests to send them to Ukraine, he invited its leaders to the Paris summit in Ukraine to give him “visibility”.

“A more direct and stronger contact”

This year, the Élysée wants to change: there is no closing speech at the AMF congress for the Head of State – it will be given on Thursday by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne – but long “wandering” a few hours of their show, which is organized together with 1,200 exhibitors.

It’s about meeting those who “Offering innovative solutions” and “to have more direct and stronger contact”, begged the presidency.

photo of french president emmanuel macron with members of the national gendarmerie, during the amf congress, wednesday november 23, 2022. © ludovic marin/poolepa/maxppp

French President Emmanuel Macron with members of the national gendarmerie, during the AMF congress, Wednesday November 23, 2022. © LUDOVIC MARIN/POOLEPA/MAXPPP

Emmanuel Macron will speak in front of a thousand mayors, but in the evening of today’s traditional reception at the Élysée. House.

A tour that will not appeal to all mayors

The choice of game made some teeth gnash, especially among the opposition.

“He confused the fair of mayors and the fair of agriculture”, lamented the socialist André Laignel, vice-president of the AMF, considering that “many companions” think about that “don’t cross the aisle to go and see the mayors” in congress, “It’s a bad way”.

“I find it quite strange that the President of the Republic does not follow the practice of making a speech in front of the mayors of France”, added PS Carole Delga, president of the Regions of France, who participated in the congress.

Between the powerful association of elected officials and the president, the season is still a time of appeasement after a first five-year term marked by tensions.

David Lisnard estimates that Emmanuel Macron has “completely changed” to speak by opening the door to “a new chapter in decentralization”.

In Château-Gontier, in Mayenne, the President of the Republic said he was in favor of October in a “true decentralization”combined with the transfer of “responsibilities”from “normative power” and “funding” required, as opposed to “false decentralization” of force according to him at present.

The government is making progress

At Élisez, on the contrary, we want to see the development of communities “the fruit” policies initiated five years ago in favor of financial support and “return to the state of the territories”instead of any change.

The executive emphasized the opening of 2,600 houses of France Services by the end of December (a hundred more than promised at first) or the creation of 35 additional sub-prefectures, including six this year.

The government has also increased its actions in recent weeks, with the announcement of an additional 1.2 billion euros to local authorities in the form of a loan to facilitate the ecological transition and the five billion in 2026 for “revival” the center of 234 medium-sized cities.

Above all, Elisabeth Borne announced a higher than expected increase in the global operating grant (DGF) for local authorities in 2023, up to 320 million euros, sparking an unprecedented effort for thirteen years.

on “the bluff”replied David Lisnard, who saw little catch-up, only the DGF “Not indexed to inflation since 2010”.

Elected officials are concerned about eliminating the taxes they collect, such as the housing tax on primary residences and now the CVAE, a production tax. Municipalities are also now tempted to raise property taxes, one of the only taxes they still have.

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