Azurean Virteem buys a virtual reality studio to accelerate the metaverse

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, in 2025, the metaverse market could represent a business volume of between $250 and $400 million in 2025. Wall Street continues and estimates that it will be about $13 billion. $ in 2030 with no less than five billion users.

Numbers on Kevin Soler’s mind. “The metaverse is evolving and we need an extension of ourselves in this virtual universe where we can continue to live and which allows us to go anywhere and anytime in real time”explains the manager of Sophipolitaine Virteem, which specializes in the design of customized virtual tours and fairs for its approximately 3,500 customers.

Precisely to bring its solutions to the metaverse established by the company in 2012 under the name of VIP360 Group (18 employees in the technology park and about sixty in the network of 17 franchised agencies) new just bought Angevine Virtualyz. The startup, which was born three years ago, has developed strong skills in virtual reality and 3D modeling.

An acquisition that opens up long-term deployment prospects for Azurean. “But also in the short term”encouraged by Kevin Soler.

And to clarify that there are two types of metaverses; light and heavy. Currently, due to significant technological barriers, we are in the light, which is “just” a digitalization of the real world. “The companies that are in the metaverse exist for the buzz and do not understand that it is necessary to offer a use. But with the technologies developed by Virtualyz and its four collaborators, we will be able to achieve a hybridization of these metaverses to offer ROI-sand solutions to our customers.”

Four vertical

Customers who are in the four verticals determined by Virteem: “HR; in particular, we help our clients such as Axa, Caisse d’Epargne or CIC to recruit by creating vocations, facilitating integration or offering training, details Kevin Soler. These are the same training and HR issues we encountered in our second vertical: industry. The digital twin that we have developed for customers such as Ragni or Schneider Electric makes possible the particular optimization of the production chain.

Other sectors addressed by Virteem, tourism (tourist offices, museums, hotels…) and education. “Besides virtual school visits, there are many use cases for training.” Thus, a student in a horticultural high school can practice pruning a rosebush in virtual reality and if he is wrong, he does not need a new bush, he just needs to reset the sequence. These exercises where the learner is the actor and manipulator allow a better retention of information.


The acquisition of the start-up in Angers is part of Virteem’s overall strategy, which aims to increase the turnover of the group by several million euros by ten.
An amount that Kevin Soler prefers to keep because “At the end of the year, we will finish a fundraising of € 5 million that will allow us to increase the size of the sales and marketing team. We need to recruit about twenty people, develop the retail branch and – open an international pilot country.”
The leader intends to take advantage of the two missions organized by RisingSUD, the economic development agency of the Southern Region, in Finland-Denmark and Canada to sound the market from November.

He’s super confident: “This acquisition is a great human and entrepreneurial adventure. With its technology, Virtualyz has crazy potential and we have a pragmatic vision of the market and many customers.”
All that’s left is to practice in this virtual universe…


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