Modern family: 10 iconic quotes that perfectly sum up Phil and Claire’s relationship

Julie Bowen shared that she didn’t want to cry on the last day of filming on Modern Family because “I need to cry alone,” according to E! New. It was hard for the cast when the 11-season sitcom ended, it was also sad for fans who said goodbye to Bowen’s super-organized Claire Dunphy and Ty Burrell’s “cool dad” Phil.

Claire and Phil’s relationship is a hilarious, heartwarming, and important part of the show. The characters couldn’t be more different from each other, making their dynamic entertaining and emotional. Whether it’s Phil talking about his outlook on life or Claire talking about discipline and organization, this Modern Family couple has great quotes that explain everything about their marriage.

“Phil, let it go. I’m faster than you. »

Claire competes with Phil

Claire and Phil’s worst modern family behavior makes it clear how immature they are. But sometimes the couple is above all a friendly competition, which is part of the daily happiness of their marriage.

While some couples joke about being good at sports, running, or other sporting activities, Claire can’t hold things back and share how easy she is. Phil didn’t like to hear that, but Claire’s words explained their dynamic because Phil knew that Claire could get worse if she didn’t feel like she was winning.

“I say no every day in this house. »

Claire explained her role

Throughout the 11 seasons of Modern Family, Claire worries about everything her children do and Phil wants to be their friend. Sometimes this causes conflict, as Phil thinks that Claire will enjoy life more if she doesn’t worry so much, and Claire wonders why Phil doesn’t want to be strict and organized.

Eventually, the couple realized that they could not change each other and had to adopt each other’s parenting style. Claire’s quote about always being the hardest is so memorable because it’s hard for her not to see the many ways situations can go wrong.

“Well Clive, I’m a bored housewife with a dark side…”

Claire and Phil celebrate Valentine’s Day

When fans think of Claire and Phil, remembering their Valentine’s Day tradition isn’t far from their minds. The couple meet at a bar to drink and pretend to be Juliana and Clive Bixby, a way for them to forget their worries for a night.

This exercise may be more up Phil’s alley because he likes to goof off, but it also says a lot about how much Claire wants to let loose and have fun. Claire struggles to let go of her need for control, but Phil is a big influence and makes her realize that she doesn’t have to worry all the time.

“Claire accused me for the millionth time that I’m not afraid of her. »

Phil wants to scare Claire in Season 11 episode ‘The Last Halloween’

Throughout the funniest Halloween episodes of Modern Family, Claire shows how badly she wants to conquer October 31st with the best costumes, a perfectly haunted house, and the ability to frighten anyone who comes near him. . One of Claire and Phil’s oldest arguments is that Claire doesn’t find anything creepy that Phil does.

In Season 11, Phil is convinced that he can scare Claire, and he succeeds in a strange old house that asks him to be alone. Claire may be stubborn, but she likes that Phil is putting so much effort into this endeavor. While Claire is competitive, she admits when Phil does something amazing.

“The lion does not like to sleep on the opinions of the sheep. »

Phil ignores Claire’s anger in the Season 11 episode “Baby Steps”

One of the funniest scenes in Season 11 is Claire interviewing for an organizing job via video call in her stairwell. When Claire apologizes to Phil for venting her anger and frustration at the situation, she utters this memorable quote.

No situation is too stressful for Phil, who loves to share his opinions and sayings. This statement explains how Claire worries about perfection and how Phil keeps pace.

“I’m the cool dad. It’s me. I’m connected. »

Phil explains himself to the pilot

Immediately, Modern Family viewers saw that Phil wanted his children to admire him, while Claire didn’t care if Luke, Alex, and Haley were mad at her as long as she helped push them aside. The characters have a unique way of looking at parenting and they rarely agree.

While it’s understandable that Claire wants Phil to be more responsible at times, it’s also understandable that Phil wants to forget all the parenting advice he’s heard and be the one his kids look up to. It is possible to see the situation from Claire and Phil’s point of view.

“I do cartwheels. “” If I don’t? »

Phil is angry with Claire

Some of Phil’s funniest modern family stories see him fighting with Claire, but other times they have a lot of fun together. Phil is sad to learn that Claire has been doing cartwheels when he’s gone because he not only wants to be a kid again and enjoy the outdoors, but he wants to see Claire having fun.

Although it’s a small exchange, it says a lot about how the couple lives. Claire is often surprised at how much happier she is when she forgets her worries for a while, and Phil always wants Claire to have fun and realize that everything is going to be okay.

“I don’t know if I like my fear of Claire or how much I love her. »

Phil explained his feelings to his wife

Whether Phil is mad at Claire or they’re in the middle of a terrible argument, Phil can’t help but say how much he loves his partner. Phil’s analysis of his feelings for Claire is unforgettable because he has a unique way of playing with words.

While Phil admits that despite all this time he’s still scared of Claire, he appreciates her strength and confidence and still admires everything she’s done. Phil’s feelings can be seen in every scene and that’s why Phil and Claire are together.

“The whole point of keeping it real is so you can take it to the next level. »

Phil is the “cool” parent

Phil’s best modern family quotes often see him explaining how “cool” and young he is. When Claire jokes about Phil’s nerdy personality, Phil says, in all seriousness, that he wants to “take it to the next level” and asks Claire “You never knew that?” »

Like a couple who have been together for a long time, Claire and Phil don’t always agree or like what the other person is doing, but they learn to accept each other’s unique personalities. Claire wished Phil wouldn’t say that, but she knew it would make him feel better, so she smiled and let it go.

“I have 3 children, I’m tired since 2005.”

Claire talks about how exhausting parenthood is

It’s telling that while Claire talks about how being a parent means being tired, it’s not really something Phil would say. Claire can be cynical when thinking about life and while she’s like Phil always looks on the bright side, that’s exactly what Phil wants.

Claire often feels overwhelmed by her schedule, and Phil tries to help Claire have fun and worry less. It’s a dynamic that repeats itself time and time again and while the couple doesn’t always get along, they share the same goal of being happy and raising good kids.

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