Attacked with a knife in Pordic: “He saw his dog die and whoever looked at him, it anchored him” – Bretagne

Saint-Brieuc Criminal Court, this Friday, September 23. In the Salle des Pas Perdus, cries and tears culminated in the difficult verdict in the long session of the Assize Court. In the small adjacent courtroom, where we judge a delayed appearance, we have to close the door to listen to other lamentations. That of a young mother who cannot explain to her four-year-old son the loss of the family dog. An American serviceman, who died of nine stab wounds on August 1, 2022 in the town of Pordic.

“Everything reminds me of my dog”

A few moments later, it was his partner, his right arm stuck in a splint, who told of his difficulty: “I can’t wash myself, eat alone. I exercise every day, and I may never regain full movement in my fingers. And everything reminds me of my dog. He took it when he was stabbed in the late afternoon. Wanting to defeat the aggressor, he grabbed the blade. His fingers were almost cut off. “I was holding them in my left hand when he stabbed me in the back.” Perforated lungs. He was taken to the hospital and operated on.

Mental disorders

At the bar, between the police who made sure to get him to the remand center: the accused. Not too long, hair waving in a crown on a beige sweater. He does not have the profile of a great bandit. His problem lies elsewhere: he suffers from serious mental disorders. His trial was postponed for this reason: that he could be examined by an expert. “You are dangerous”, the president summed up his attention. For mental medicine, the accused kept a register of great persecution and a “delusional experience”.

My dog ​​walked three meters to meet us, and he fell

Metal plate and foldable shovel

The interested party corrected: “That’s not the problem with the strain,” he said. ” So what is this ? encouraged the president. “This is that he took his stick without a leash,” he said. In the town, the man is known for his disturbing behavior. He walks around with knives. And a “metal plate on the back to avoid attack”, said the witnesses. In him, a backpack, with several blades, and a folding shovel. “For the bivouac,” he said.


“Do you still believe that there is a mafia in Pordic? “, asked the judge again. “Yes, but it’s invisible”. “And you, then, how did you see it? “I’m watching,” he whispered. Before explaining: “It’s not a mafia with a capital letter, but there are dealers”. Did he accuse his victim of being one? “Maybe” he said at the bar. But he believes he acted “in self-defense”.

Do you still believe there is a mafia in Pordic?

For the psychiatrist, there is no elimination of discernment. But a “dramatic change”. “He grabbed my dog ​​by the collar and kicked him. My dog ​​traveled three meters to meet us, and he collapsed, “said the victim, who suffered” for three years “, the “ambushes” of the accused. “He waited for me at night, I already complained “. For his lawyer, the psychological impact was huge. “Every day, he saw his dog die and whoever looked at him, it anchored him…”

Two civil party associations

Two associations brought the civil action in this case: 30 million friends and the Association for the Development of Animal Rights. Emmanuel Têtard was sentenced to three years in prison, including 18 months of probation. He was forbidden to appear in Pordic and from now on, he could not keep an animal. “Your sentence can be adjusted so that you can be hospitalized in psychiatry, explained the president. Because visiting psychiatrists every two months is not enough”.

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