Picture, cover letter, speed dating… What is the most important step?

Dating apps have been taking up space on our smartphones for ten years. Ten years since the codes of seduction have changed, from a (not always) subtle approach in a bar to an “age, sex, city? quickly written on a virtual keyboard. However, there a place where you know each other in the same way for seventeen years: on the M6, on Love is in the pasturewhose new season starts this Monday night.

Despite the passage of time, the journey is the same for the farmers who first came face to face with Karine Le Marchand in the photography stage. This first round is broadcast a few months before the start of the season so that the suitors have time to write a beautiful letter to the potential love of their life. The opening of the letters, shortened to edit for two years, will be discovered at the same time as speed-dating this Monday. And as usual, the bachelors choose two suitors or suitors to accompany them to the farm.

Couriers, a confrontational reality show

During the press conference for this new season, 20 minutes asked four personalities from the show what they thought was the most important step in the long journey. Without a doubt, it is the opening of the letter that unites. “From your normal life to the many men who try to seduce you by letter, said the young Noémie. We don’t have that every day, it’s amazing! And this is the stage where you should not be confused, you should read the letters and not leave one.

Jean, like Alexandre, holds the “same analysis”. The 36-year-old dairy farmer admitted all the same that he “asked himself some questions after speed-dating until the contenders arrived on the farm”. Despite the worry, everything seems to be going well for the farmer who is left in doubt about the outcome of his romantic wanderings. Agathe, for her part, believes that opening the letters is also the step that marks her the most. “We praise you, they are filled with beautiful things. If you’re not used to hearing that, it touches you deeply,” he enthused.

“Cohabitation can also reveal a kind of hysteria”

Although she considers every step important, Karine Le Marchand has little desire to shoot pictures and discover the faces that will monopolize the screens of the M6 ​​for more than three months. “The image must be true to who they are, warns the host. If the image is messed up, if they fail to express who they really are in their goodness, people will write someone they don’t know and it’s wrong Because of this, there is disappointment in farm life”.

The opposite situation is not always easy to avoid: suitors can present themselves as handsome, strong and intelligent, all the qualities that a farmer is looking for, and reveal a completely different face when placed they have their suitcases on the farm. . “In order to attract people, unconsciously or not, they portray a person who corresponds in every way to what others want. Apart from the fact that the varnish breaks very quickly, it creates frustration and breakage”, regrets Karine Le Marchand.

“Cohabitation can also reveal a kind of hysteria. A person may not be themselves because there is competition, it can arouse painful intimate things so that the person is completely killed or afraid,” continued one which consists Love is in the pasture since 2010. In short, each step is fundamental, including the last one, when farmers discover the universe of their suitor or suitor. “We see his reality, his parents, his friends and we know that we have nothing to do with this man”, concluded Karine Le Marchand. So yes, everything is more tedious than a swipe to the right, but nothing prevents you from repeating all the steps in your next game.

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