Here’s your horoscope for Friday, August 19, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: You will be very motivated to organize your usual leisure activities. Your ideas will be well received by your loved ones. You show originality.

Money at Work: You will make interesting professional encounters and be able to make contacts for the rest of your career. In terms of finances, a significant improvement in your situation should reassure you.

Health: All is well. Good general vitality.

Mood: Very buoyant day.

Advice: Nothing can put you in a bad mood today, but avoid being too fast.


Love: As long as you are happy. Take full advantage of the present moment. Don’t think about anything else!

Money at Work: You will find it difficult to cope with the pile of tasks that fall upon you. Make an organizational effort!

Health: Jagged tone.

Mood: A bit of a tired day.

Tip: Organize your things so you don’t lose an important piece of paper or forget to pay a bill.


Love: Couples can make a time of sensuality and great complexity. Single, the astral atmosphere will make you dream of a little pink cloud.

Work-Money: Your ambitions may be curbed. However, you can overcome obstacles thanks to your strength. This is the time to start ambitious professional projects, which require a lot of insight and daring.

Health: Good physical and moral balance. Your tone is high. Enjoy it.

Mood: An uneventful day.

Tip: You can’t be on all fronts at once. You have to choose.


Love: You explain yourself to your partner. Enjoy! This is the time to express your feelings and your projects in a gentle way… Learn how to find the words and they will be heard.

Money at Work: There is little chance that the situation will change during the day. Don’t expect a miracle, but take the opportunity to rework the foundations that will help future development.

Health: Everything is good in this place.

Mood: Good day overall.

Tip: Remember that the counselors are not the payers. You don’t have to follow a loved one’s advice.


Love: Your partner can inspire you and you need it. Play fair without hesitation. You will regain self-confidence and all your motivation.

Work-Money: You work twice as hard, you deserve the respect and recognition you long for. You have to prove yourself and earn the respect of your colleagues.

Health: Migraine risk.

Mood: The horizon is clear.

Advice: You have done long-term projects, now is not the time to give up.


Love: You will regret the lack of depth, the complicity in your relationship with your partner. Strange and charming, you will do everything to bring him to a world that is unexpected. Single, manage your taste in new experiences and strong emotions!

Work-Money: Less shy than usual, more sure of yourself and your skills, you don’t hesitate to put yourself forward. You are more aggressive in your work, and eager for victories. You will show a keen competitive spirit.

Health: You have energy and you will not lack tone.

Mood: Half-hearted day.

Tip: Look on the bright side. A positive attitude always produces better results.


Love: You risk having bad surprises if you don’t pay attention to those around you. Single, there might be a surprising encounter. Your relationship with your loved ones will improve a lot. As a family, you can change the dialogue.

Work-Money: No more empty words and smoke projects, you start working with specific goals! Changes are on the horizon and the astral configuration offers hope for a radical mutation or reorientation. In the material field do not expect good surprises.

Health: You are in good condition despite a little nervous tension. Practice relaxation to relieve this stress or find physical or recreational activity to clear your mind. Flying in the air will give you the best benefit.

Mood: The pressure is on!

Advice: Don’t wait any longer to fix your bad eating habits or quit smoking.


Love: This is the friendly sector that will bring you the most happiness. You will seek from your friends what your spouse cannot give you. You will strengthen the relationship with a loved one.

Money at Work: You have something to do, work without delay. It’s time to start your new organizational and procedural tasks.

Health: Very good resistance. Save your reserves.

Mood: The mood will be mixed.

Tip: You should use your high energy before it turns into aggression.


Love: Your loves can take a surprising turn… It’s time to show yourself what you are. It won’t take long to disguise such a situation and you will come out as a loser.

Work-Money: Commercial and relational approaches are favored. Do not hesitate to pick up your phone, important communications may take place today.

Health: Watch your diet.

Mood: Not a very inspiring day!

Advice: You need strength and energy. Orange is the color for you.


Love: Sometimes passionate, sometimes romantic, you play on many fronts with equal sophistication and equal success. It’s hard not to find yourself invincible to such behavior. Your partner will be overwhelmed. Single, your charm can be almost irresistible!

Work-Money: The climate of trust that reigns in the professional sector allows you to progress well. You surround yourself with an efficient and strong team. New projects may blossom soon. The material domain does not hold any unpleasant surprises for you.

Health: Eat light if you want to avoid a heavy stomach and drowsiness in the early afternoon. You don’t have time to sleep! Choose foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. You need energy.

Mood: Peace has returned.

Tip: Bring out the artist in you and find new ideas to bring the latest things you don’t like anymore.


Love: You are not good. Your current situation does not suit you at all. Instead of flirting, you better make your own decisions.

Work-Money: You don’t have clear ideas. Your mind is elsewhere and it shows in your work. Focus if you want to be effective.

Health: You should get a health check.

Mood: Day to forget easily!

Tip: You need bright colors to lift your energetic spirits. Prefer red, orange.


Love: You have little control over your partner and the atmosphere at home is likely to explode! Show yourself to be a philosopher and wait for calm to return!

Money at Work: Your ideas are clearly the best and most adapted to the situation, according to you. You risk being stubborn. Be more open if you want to find an adequate solution.

Health: Temporary fatigue. You need to give yourself a break.

Mood: You can’t see clearly.

Tip: Plan a calm night: a tray of food in front of the TV or a nice bath with essential oils.

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