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Against a backdrop of criticism from Big Brother, “Made for Love”, the eight-episode HBO science fiction series, tackles universal themes such as love, relationships and technology. A dark comedy about our humanity.

HBO’s eight-part series “Made for love” brilliantly tackles how technology can evolve and disrupt our lives. Thus it reminds of the cult series “Black Mirror”.

Hazel, a young woman, married to Byron Gogol (played by Billy Magnussen seen in “Mr. Robot”), owner of the Gogol company, lives in a controlled high-tech space that perfectly mimics the truth. Except… that’s not the truth. One day, she discovers her husband’s new project: the use of a chip meant to “merge” their minds. Not only does she reject the idea of ​​having a chip implanted in her brain, but she also wants to end their marriage and decides to run away.

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The real fake life of a couple on Instagram

Despite the frightening observation of what awaits us in the near future, the series is enjoyable, thanks to the dark humor that is not afraid to go too far. A satire of the ultra-connected, computerized and monitored society, his approach is not, however, technophobic.

The narrative focuses on questions such as “what is a couple?”, on different views of love and this need of Byron, a genius with mild autism, to make his partner happy: in a sudden fingers, he took her to Rome or Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower, thanks to virtual reality.

But their incompatibility is obvious: she is a scam queen, and he, a genius, is a rich and beautiful man who has barely lived in reality and loves a girl from the slums. “This is the re-reading of a fairy tale with a taste of irony”, explained Aimée Papageorgiou in the debate dedicated to the series of the show “Vertigo”.

“What’s funny is this strange combination of technological evolution and completely ancient references to what a perfect couple is,” he explained. We are in relationship modeling, in a form of symbiosis in both the literal and figurative sense of the term.

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sympathetic characters

Hazel is played by the excellent actress Cristin Milioti, who became famous by playing the famous “mother” in “How I Met Your Mother”. The cast of the series makes you want to dive into this rush, with strong characters like Hazel’s charming father (Ray Romano), a red neck who lives with… an inflatable doll.

The series thus transforms these characters into monsters but become charming in their weaknesses and in their deep sincerity. “These are people who just want to be loved,” said columnist Yacine Nemra.

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contemporary madness

According to Antoine Bal, “the series relates with great humor the futile search for perfection and the algorithmic reign of surveillance capitalism. Against this critical background of the world of tech, “it offers a beautiful reflection of question of belonging, love, narcissism , the attraction of relational fusion and total transparency”, he added.

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“Made for Love” thus becomes a humorous version of “Black Mirror”, another dystopian series on the evolution of technologies and their impact on our lives.

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