Love is in the pasture: this radical choice of Thierry for his return to the show

Despite his broken heart during his first participation in “Love is in the Meadow”, Thierry “rogue of fate” did not lose hope and continued to wait for love, the one who wanted live with him.

To love the countryside yes, to love him, is better. This is a kind of message of Thierry “rogue of fate” who will come back to this 6th season of “Love is in the pasture” in m6. Because of the question that he will abandon his plan to meet the chosen one of his heart that he will marry without hesitation. But before that, he clearly stated his radical choice, for this new entry.

Thierry no longer wants to submit to the “glare”

This time, he has no intention of being fooled by this “rogue of fate” again. So Thierry asked the production of the show to separate the letters from the photos to make his choice a priori. “I don’t want to see the pictures because this time I don’t want to see the glarehe told our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, in fact, he meant that“Reading the letters and looking at the photos, I was wrong twice”especially his previous participation. The last time was in 2015and indeed, Thierry returned during the assessment so sad that his heart was broken. “They all love the countryside, but I want them to choose me, to want to live 7 days a week with me here.” he said to Karine Le Marchand, in his picture before the show.

At this time, therefore, he will show more wisdom and understanding in finding someone who will be able to love him for his true worth, and for life among his olive trees, his singing accent and his good nature. What he is looking for is “a companion, to tell you the truth a woman, smiling, happy, who loves the countryside” we heard said in a video posted on the program’s Instagram account. “I hope many of you will write to me” he called. And if, this time, it’s the right one for Thierry?

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© Instagram capture

2/18 –

He can count on Karine’s support
He was always kind enough to support her

© Instagram capture

3/18 –

In his previous involvement, he was heartbroken
This time, he is coming to the end of his project

© Instagram capture

4/18 –

His goal is to love
He hopes to find someone who will choose him


5/18 –

Karine Le Marchand is always very close to the candidates
She is a true “godmother” to them

© Christian Liewig

6/18 –

Karine Le Marchand is everywhere!
After ADP he was also in charge of “France has exceptional talent”


7/18 –

Stéphane Plaza watches over his friend Karine Le Marchand
Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand – Celebrities in the stands at the French international tennis tournament at Roland Garros in Paris, France, June 8, 2019. © Jacovides / Moreau/Bestimage


8/18 –

For the 6th season, Karine Le Marchand is still out to pasture
He loves his farmers!

© Giancarlo Gorassini

9/18 –

Karine Le Marchand is very popular with the public
He has the ability to listen persuasively

© Giancarlo Gorassini

10/18 –

Karine Le Marchand takes the issue of agriculture seriously
Karine Le Marchand went to the 57th International Agricultural Show in 2020

© JB Autissier

11/18 –

Sparkling Karine Le Marchand
The live animator is a number on the M6 ​​channel

© JB Autissier

12/18 –

Karine Le Marchand, animator at heart
Very attentive to the candidates, the latter is crazy about it

© JB Autissier

13/18 –

Karine Le Marchand has many talents
He is often called for many projects.

© JB Autissier

14/18 –

Karine Le Marchand is smart as a picture
but never stingy with a good laugh on television

© JB Autissier

15/18 –

Karine Le Marchand never runs out of kind words
His candor is his signature

© JB Autissier

16/18 –

Karine Le Marchug full of emotions
He does not hesitate to express his emotions on screen

© JB Autissier

17/18 –

Karine Le Marchand in her element of the agricultural show
The meadows, it knows this


18/18 –

Karine Le Marchand, the elegant
Always in his 31

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