NCAA | Caleb Love is more motivated than ever after the ‘most important summer’ of his career

As the fall semester draws to a close on the North Carolina campus, summer is drawing to a close for the Tar Heels. And for Caleb Love in particular, it’s been a very honest summer.

Heroic during “March Madness” five months ago, where his team lost three small points in the final against Kansas, the leader announced immediately after the defeat that he will return for his “junior” season. », to quickly turn the page to focus on the upcoming summer.

This summer is probably the most important in my career, because I’m at the stage where I know what I need to do. Not only what I need to do to improve the individual, but also to make my team better ” he said in particular.

Author of a convincing “sophomore” season but not enough to position himself as a potential selection in the first round of the Draft (15.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists), Caleb Love “simply” needs to be confirmed next year, all he has. already shown last year.

And it started with a very honest summer, when he first dropped by the Hall of Fame Memorial in Springfield in July, where he met different people from the world of basketball and signed autographs. The serious things started later, in Los Angeles, where he trained with the famous NBA star coach, Drew Hanlen. Finally, at the end, he was invited, at the beginning of August, to Damian Lillard’s “Formula Zero” camp in Portland, in the end where he was voted MVP.

Dame is my favorite player, not only do I try to model my game after her, but I also learn how she approaches basketball off the court. The 20-year-old point guard explained about his experience with the Blazers superstar. ” We talked a lot, he told me about the league, but also about his career and how it got out of the university box. It’s very nice. I feel like I’m making progress because I’m just there. »

The summer of adulthood?

In short, the native of Missouri did not idle during the summer, and gathered enriching experiences for a player who intends to turn professional next summer, in the 2023 Draft.

While his summer of 2021 was dedicated to getting his basketball back after a mixed “freshman” season, his summer of 2022, following an even more successful “sophomore” season , may be finally one of the coming of age, the dawn. in its third and likely final season on the Chapel Hill campus.

My biggest personal motivation is to remember where I came from. After my freshman year, I was at the lowest point in basketball, and that affected me. Caleb Love confessed. ” So my motivation is to remember how far I have come since then, and how hard it was to get to where I am today. […] Everything I did this summer was driven by purpose. And like I said, it was the most important and rewarding summer of my life. I did all the areas I needed to improve. »

The disappointment of the final lost in March is over, and after a busy but exciting summer, which would make many 20-year-old basketball players salivate, Caleb Love is ready to attack the 2022/23 season.

A season when his Tar Heels start as heavy favorites on paper.

This is a major year. I want it. I really want to [le titre NCAA]. I think in our time, we alternated between hot and cold all year, then burned out in March during the tournament and were very close to the consecration. It makes me think that if we show this level of play with consistency, anything is possible for us. » thus he concluded, correctly.

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