Here’s your horoscope for Friday, August 12, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: There is tension in your romantic relationship. You have to put your cards on the table if you don’t want to find yourself in a dead end. You have to compromise.

Money at Work: The discussions you have with your collaborators will be more lively than expected. Stay safe. Use diplomacy and please do not try to impose your ideas at all costs!

Health: Good nervous immunity.

Mood: Mood can be tense.

Tip: Now you should avoid taking risks in any field.


Love: With the planetary environment of the sun, even with the best intentions in the world and despite your best efforts, you cannot avoid disappointments in your family life. Just avoid arguing with your loved ones so that the situation doesn’t get worse. Fortunately, things will soon improve.

Work-Money: This is the time to give your point of view and make every effort to make commercial or financial alliances. You will get support from influential people. If you’ve spent a lot of money or are in debt, take the time to check the status of your accounts.

Health: Don’t try to exceed your limits, your body is already asking a lot. Your days are long and fatigue awaits you. To stay in shape you need to know how to rest before you get tired.

Mood: The atmosphere brings.

Tip: If you want your home to smell good, consider essential oils rather than using synthetic fragrances.


Love: You can’t stand feeling deprived of your freedom. Do not take revenge on your partner for everything by imposing your pig behavior and your fixed ideas on him.

Work-Money: You can give new impetus to your career if you follow your intuitions. You will know what is expected of you, the challenge is to answer the call.

Health: You need rest.

Mood: What a wonderful day.

Advice: Take every opportunity to have fun, without overdoing the good stuff.


Love: Instead of being satisfied with the usual routine, you will be more demanding. Your partner might be a little surprised. Give him time to adjust to your new life. Single, physicality is not everything! If you don’t present yourself as smiling or friendly, you won’t attract anyone!

Work-Money: You will get good results in a professional manner. You will finally reap the fruits of the efforts made in the past months. You deserve it! You’ll get the recognition you’ve been waiting for, but you’ll have to wait to get the raise you deserve.

Health: Be careful while driving, one second of inattention is usually enough to cause a crash. Be reasonable and don’t use your phone while driving. For others, you’re in a good mood and your morale is up.

Mood: Particularly encouraging atmosphere.

Advice: You are in a good mood but you find your content depressing. Dare to use colors but with small touches.


Love: Your partner will give you a good proof of attachment! You don’t expect it and this good surprise will bring a smile to your face for days to come.

Money at Work: You have the opportunity to expand your professional horizons and achieve your most cherished ambitions if you give yourself the means. Give one last push to achieve your goals.

Health: Manage your stress by giving yourself some rest in this busy day.

Humor: The future is yours!

Advice: Although the final decision rests with you, take the time to listen to the advice of those around you.


Love: Single, you will be destabilized by a strange, unusual encounter, but it should develop into a positive relationship if you give it time to settle. As a couple, your relationship is stable and even if you feel a temporary attraction, you will not risk putting your couple in danger.

Money at Work: The steps you take and the social contacts you make will satisfy you completely. Whether in the social or professional field, you have the wind in your sails. It’s time to start new adventures. The financial sector should not cause you particular concern.

Health: Protect your throat. Don’t pick your vocal cords. Avoid noisy or smoky places, because it will be difficult for you to recover your voice. For others you are in good shape.

Mood: No bad surprises.

Advice: Get out of your bubble and you’ll find that you’re missing out on dating opportunities.


Love: You will know how to be a diplomat in your family. Relationships are made with humor and complicity. Some even consider taking the next step.

Work-Money: You will not lack humor. Your colleagues will always ask you to take advantage of your kind words and relieve the stress caused by hard work. Thanks to you, there is a good atmosphere!

Health: Extreme fatigue can happen if you are not careful. Give yourself a full night’s sleep!

Mood: Pretty normal day.

Tip: Don’t wait until it’s raining heavily to realize your windshield wipers need replacing.


Love: If you dream of burning love and burning feelings, you may be disappointed.

Work-Money: Your professional life will be favoured. Your luck will reach the maximum.

Health: Good vitality.

Mood: Sad ordinary day.

Tip: If you hope to change, you need to take matters into your own hands. Start your look!


Love: There are some clashes that are likely to happen, especially if you are looking for the last word. Bring it on yourself from time to time and be more diplomatic, such is life in society.

Work-Money: Money and work are closely connected. The season promises to be prosperous and fruitful. You don’t have to worry about the bills coming your way.

Health: Watch your nervous tension.

Mood: Risk of disruption!

Tip: You value beauty more than comfort. But it is not so difficult to combine the two.


Love: You don’t show your feelings much. Don’t go into your shell, because not only will your loves be protected, but your sensuality will increase.

Work-Money: The professional field will give you a lot of satisfaction. Your work will be recognized and your authority will be respected. The financial sector will be quiet. On the other hand, you will be filled with projects for the future, and find new support.

Health: You may suffer from back pain or insomnia. You are tense and have too many things on your mind. Time to decompress. Relaxation or yoga.

Mood: A very ordinary day.

Tip: Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get what you want right away. Keep trying.


Love: All your energy will be focused on the well-being of your loved ones. The atmosphere will be warm and cheerful. Some material concerns may cause heated discussions with your spouse. Show understanding and tolerance. Single, your magnetism will be strengthened by the astral climate.

Money at Work: You will make important decisions, both materially and professionally. You will invest yourself fully in your work as you make the most of your talents as a diplomat.

Health: Do some physical exercise. It’s time to go on a diet.

Mood: The atmosphere brings.

Tip: When you start a new project, carefully calculate the risks you are exposing yourself to.


Love: You can’t stand your daily hard work anymore, everything seems boring to you. So you will be led to reorganize your scale of values. You need a radical change and review of your positions. You will surprise others but it will be positive.

Work-Money: You feel that your hands are tied, unable to do your business as you see fit. Don’t be discouraged. The situation is not blocked, you need a little time to reach your goal.

Health: You need relaxation. It’s time to take a few days to forget about the little daily hassles that ultimately hurt your morale.

Mood: Obstacles are expected.

Advice: Eat fruits and mostly citrus fruits and kiwi which will give you vitamins.

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