Cristiano or Messi? Let’s have fun without a choice

The exploits that they offer us, especially under the tunics of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​mark all lovers of the round ball.

I would also list their outstanding accolades, but I quickly realized that there was not enough space to write about them in my column.

More than statistics and numbers, above all emotions and memories are offered by these two champions to fans around the world.

However, this love always, by reflex or through media play, leads us to have to choose between the genius of Lionel Messi, guided by a grace and agility straight from heaven, and a Cristiano Ronaldo, a phenomenon that is often reduced to the status of an efficient worker, who ends up scoring more than he plays.

Are we obligated to oppose these players?

Can we like one player without necessarily hating another?

This reflection came to me after the wonderful acrobatic comeback that the Argentinian got with Paris Saint-Germain last Saturday.

In the minutes after the final whistle, the media and fans around the world could not stop checking the archives, to get the same goal that the Portuguese got in the 2018 edition of the Champions League, in the jersey of Real. Madrid vs. Juventus.

Two masterpieces scored in the opposite ground and which, strangely enough, aroused the applause and the surprise of the supporters of the opposing team.

These amazing gestures, which should only arouse admiration, on the contrary, we have to choose – always choose – to debate the most beautiful gesture, which is the best player in the world, even if it means forcing a comparison.

Another amazing return kick from Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017 during a match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Photo: Getty Images/Alex Caparros

Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo’s sister, was caught up in the game by sharing a comment made by her brother’s supporters on social networks.

One is a gun and the other is a bicycle. One was in the French Championship against Clermont and the other was in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Juventus. »

These comments have the effect of a mirror for me and remind me that I am one of those who often compare these two wonders during the analysis of the game or even in debates between friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo in my opinion The best player in the world given his aura and the leader of the people he is in the club and in the selection.

All the arguments, even the most strange, are valid to emphasize the superiority of CR7, against ayatollahs said Messi, determined to protect the little Argentinian genius.

I think for example of my former captain Patrice Bernier, an unconditional lover of FC Barcelona and the Argentine player.

He shouted and raised his right hand to his chest.

Patrice Bernier

Photo: The Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

He was my roommate on all of our trips during my career with the Montreal Impact.

I let you imagine the funny scenes these long debates offer in hotel lobbies in the United States.

In hindsight, this vision of soccer may have made me lose strong emotions, half living the exploits of Lionel Messi, especially when he played for FC Barcelona. But that time is over!

The World Cup is fast approaching and will be the last world tour for these two extraterrestrials.

Just as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer gave us tennis, these two soccer icons deserve our hats by enjoying every dribble, every pass, every goal they have to offer. .

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