5 things you learn when a relationship ends

Sometimes we have a hard time knowing whether to continue or leave our relationship. You need to ask yourself the right questions, take your time and try to work things out with the person you love.

If, however, the separation happens, you will learn some things from this return to celibacy.

1 / Be grateful for the love you have experienced

Being grateful for a relationship that has ended can be complicated. We tend to get angry when things are tough, but it’s also important to recognize the love you offer, and the love you give!
Thus, the pain can disappear quickly. Accept to see the positive energy around you.

Even if love is just a memory, you have the right to remember the good times. Remember each other’s treats, trips and laughs, you don’t need to mope about it. Enjoy the good emotions these memories give you.

2 / Think about your role

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The role we play in a relationship can have a dramatic effect on our state after a breakup. Whether you are the person left behind or the person who left, you don’t have to blame yourself.

We can learn from every experience in life. So it’s important to note the role you have, so you can adjust it in the future relationship. This will make your next relationship, the ideal relationship!

You may be too hysterical or too angry, have high expectations, don’t communicate enough, etc. But don’t worry, the most important thing is to realize it.

3 / Learn more about you

not just prevention

More experience makes it possible to know more precisely what one likes or dislikes in a relationship. You are more aware of the actions that make you loved and those that stop you. These things will be a plus when you find someone.

Having differences with your partner allows you to grow and learn many things. However, if these differences are too great, it may happen that you are not progressing at the same rate. By learning from your past relationships, you will know which personalities don’t suit you and which ones suit you best.

4 / Keep your head up

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Ending a relationship can feel like a loss. But you can also experience it as a change, a release from something that ended up being unhealthy.
Take the positive out of it and don’t beat yourself up!

List your favorite things about your relationship, and what didn’t work. And instead of listing what you don’t like about your partner, say what you do like. For example, say “I prefer an organized living space”, instead of “its disorganization makes me angry”.

5 / You lose your negative emotions

stay alone

Separation is not an easy event to overcome, it takes time and energy. The pain of a bad relationship can leave scars in your life, in the way you act and perhaps in your distrust of others.
Learning to mourn this relationship allows you to free yourself from some wounds. You will find a more positive outlook on life.

A study looked at how people can reduce their pain after a breakup. It’s easier to ease his sadness by focusing on things that are better without each other. For example, telling ourselves that “getting out of the relationship is the best thing to do”, because the person is the cause of our sadness.

As the famous proverb says “It is better to be alone than in bad company”!
Listing the positives of their breakup, the study subjects had fewer symptoms of depression than others.

Some researchers have developed scales to measure positive or negative emotions after a breakup.

Because of this, they asked the recently separated participants, how often they thought about their previous relationship, how often they had sad thoughts, if they had learned anything about themselves, and the emotional changes they will make. .
They discovered that recovery after a breakup is aided by positive thoughts and feelings. That is, people with less sad thoughts are more likely to have anxiety, regret, and relationship anxiety.

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