For Nathalie Weis, self-love is the only cure

Looking at this woman with flowing hair, bright eyes and a smile like an invitation to travel, one can almost hear Jeanne Moreau humming the Tourbillon de la vie in Jules et Jim: “He has rings on each finger, many bracelets around the wrists. . He has eyes, opal eyes that attract, that attract, there is the oval of his pale face…” But we are far from suspect that this solar woman, dressed as if she had just come out of the garden d Si ‘Éden, her arms with tattoos with messages of love and peace and her gaze is relieved , had a tumultuous and traumatic journey. To a Lebanese father and a German mother, Nathalie Weis was born in Germany in 1971. After the Lebanese civil war, her father was transferred to Iraq. He grew up in Baghdad and attended a German school. When the Iraq-Iran war broke out, the Irani family was evacuated. This traumatic experience for the child he is unfortunately not the only one. Many events will follow where he will face forced evacuation. The family moved to South America, first to Chile then to Venezuela, to return to Germany where Nathalie obtained her baccalaureate. Dyslexic child, art is his way to communicate and concentrate better. “Until now, she confessed, when I paint I am very sensitive to the noises that surround me and can easily transcribe them in order. “First of all the profession of actress tempts her. Her parents, like all parents who are concerned about ensuring a stable future for their children, can stop him. He chose an artistic career and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels where he obtained his degree in graphics design and advertising. Back in Düsseldorf, she was hired by an advertising agency, met her future husband and decided with him to return to Lebanon to invest, with the participation of her father, in a bar in the center of town. The business did not go as planned. In 2004 the couple left for New York, where he devoted himself to painting as an outlet for his traumas and exhibited for the first time. In 2006, on vacation in Beirut, he entered the list of French evacuees. Twelve hours of waiting later in a schoolyard with a one-and-a-half-year-old child in her arms, followed by two hours of waiting for a bus that finally wouldn’t get on, she’d try again after in both. days when he boarded a commercial ship. Sitting in the engine room, he arrives in Germany exhausted. He develops post-traumatic syndrome and decides to take charge.

From chaos to light

Being an artist, however, is not Nathalie’s only purpose in life. In 2006, he awakened to the interconnectedness of the universe and the law of attraction. With her sensitivity and natural gift for helping others, she found her calling and decided to become a life coach and certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. In 2011, after a difficult divorce, he returned to Beirut to take care of his son, surrounded by the love of his parents. “My paintings are like a statement, full of archetypes (like Freud and Jung) and messages. At that time, he admits, I realized my power to attract people who naturally confess their most dark secrets to me. He signed up for a coaching class and obtained his American NLP Practitioner Certificate. With his knowledge and empathy, he has successfully practiced until now. He specified: “The profession of coach does not require to go into the past like a psychoanalyst. Let’s take the present and direct it in a better way. It is a form of hypnosis where we reprogram the mind, we clean it of traumas, we break it down to bring the person back to his comfort zone. The mind is man’s best companion, but you must know how to interpret it in the words you speak. NLP programming is very sensitive to language. Nathalie describes herself as a love coach rather than a life coach. For him, as in Buddhism, the mind automatically orients itself to two positive or negative energies, fear or love. And the first love relationship that man has is with himself. Loving yourself first is the basis of everything. “We are made of energy vibrations created in our aura and my goal is to improve positive vibrations. What strengthened his belief in energies was an episode in 2018. After being drunk he was rushed to taken to the hospital in a near-comatose state where a near-death experience pushed him further down the spiritual path. “Suddenly I found myself able to read people’s energy and the messages of channel. This enlightenment gave rise to the idea of ​​oracle cards. To convey these messages to her friends and clients in a playful and interactive way, she combined her artistic skills with her heightened intuition. Nathalie designed tarot* cards containing his life experience and his learning as a coach.

A Tarot card signed Nathalie Weis. Photo by DR

Be your own coach

Seventy-eight cards designed to explore a person’s strengths as well as some future and potential possibilities. Seventy-eight cards in which snakes, dalmatians, bees, pigeons, piranhas, polar bear foxes, crabs, cockroaches, toads, donkeys, octopuses and many other animals and insects are reproduced in bright colors cartoons embellished with catchy words to convey relevant messages. Forgiveness, respect, trust, intelligence, desire, hope and peace are thus measured against jealousy, ego, lies, trust, passing of time and betrayal. Love always returns to the flame, to a bouquet of flowers, to sweet words, to messages, to farandoles, to song lyrics that are small with little beribboned or broken red ones. heart

Nathalie studies her symbolic cards with great depth and sophistication, supported by her experience, but nevertheless full of humor. “Because for me, love and laughter remain the best medicine for all of life’s ills,” he said. His maps proved to be an excellent tool, to teach, guide and enlighten. And to add: “The beauty of these maps is that you can become your own reader. They can be a wonderful tool to awaken some mental blocks, bad patterns or limiting beliefs and overcome this once and for all. However, the trap to avoid is thinking that the cards will tell you the future. They are not a crystal ball or a fortune teller. They are the vector of informing the present emotions and relational dynamics. »

* “Tarot Energy Coaching Cards” by Nathalie Weis; 78 cards with their instructions. Available at Antoine bookstore.

Looking at this woman with flowing hair, bright eyes and a smile like an invitation to travel, one can almost hear Jeanne Moreau humming the Tourbillon de la vie in Jules et Jim: “He has rings on each finger, many bracelets around the wrists. . He has eyes, opal eyes that are amazed, that are amazed, there is the oval …

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