From “Loft Story” to “Marseillais”, 13 couples who marked reality TV in France

Loft Story, Temptation Island, Secret Story, Love is in the Meadowor more recently The people of Marseilles, these programs that for some are not intended to form couples however from the beginning of many love stories, which will last for some. Monday August 8, M6 returns to 20 years of television lovewhich evokes footage that has melted viewers in recent years.

In the beginning of reality TV, the Loft Story gave birth to a couple who have since had happy days: Christopher (the winner with Loana) and Julie married with two children. It was also in the first season that the public followed Loana’s love problems. and Jean-Edouardand the steamy “pool” scene.

We also remember the Brandon and Diana’s very eventful relationship, emblematic couple of island of temptation. the battle between Amélie and Senna has punctuated season 4 with Secret Storya program where Xavier and Tatiana also participated, as a couple before the program and recently became parents.

Love is in the pasture is one of the programs that always touches the viewers to the core. And there are a couple in particular that make fans of the program laugh as they act: Thierry and Anne. They got married in 2021.

Recently, Married at first sight gives the dating show a facelift. And if some think about the strength of the relationship when the cameras are turned off, a couple formed by experts agrees with everyone: Laura and Matthew in season 5, there is a real crush. They spun from perfect love and welcomed a baby girl just months after shooting.

It’s rare and yet, Koh Lanta can also be the land of romantic encounters. In 2016, Jesta and Benedict meet in Cambodia, during the 16th edition. If they like each other, the youth is not free. When he returned to France, he left his partner at the time before having a relationship with Jesta. Since then, they spent happy days near Toulouse with their two young sons.

The Nabilla Thomas saga

But if there’s one couple that has made an impression in recent years on all shows, it’s Nabilla and Thomas. The two candidates met on the set of reality tv angels in 2013. Their love story changed in 2014, when the girl was imprisoned after stabbing him. A dramatic episode that could not have been right about their love for each other. After getting married and having a baby in 2019, the couple welcomed their second baby boy in 2022.

Weddings, children … “The Marseillais” is full

In recent years, reality TV in France vibrates especially to the rhythm of the times of Marseillesor even Marseille against the rest of the worldtwo programs broadcast on W9. Carla and Kevin two Marseillais, met in one of the shoots in South Africa, in 2016. After ups and (many) downs, the couple found their balance and had a little girl in 2019, before a big marriage pump in early 2022.

Another number of Marseilles, Julien Tanti. If he increased the adventures of the first seasons of the program, it was on the set of Moundir and the adventurers that he met Manonwill be his wife in 2019. The couple has two children and lives in Dubai.

Jessica and Thibaultknown to the audience after their participation in several seasons, also live a beautiful romance since 2017. Now settled in Dubai, they have two little boys and got married in 2019.

They soon met and are about to welcome their first child: Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat from Marseille. It is not in a set but between the two shows that the two lovebirds are in a relationship. They got married last February in Dubai.

“There’s the guy in Milla!”. This sentence made the buzz during the broadcast of Marseille against the rest of the world. At that time, “the man from Milla” was called Mujdat and came to the program where his beauty participated, who said that she was single and in a relationship with another candidate. After some rather muscular explanations, Mujdat and Milla did, before finally breaking up a few months ago.

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