“20 years of love on television” on Monday August 8 on M6 (Video)

“20 years of love on television” on the TV program on Monday, August 8, 2022. Summer is the season of love. On this occasion, M6 invites you to celebrate, from 21.10, 20 years of love during a unique night with the best moments from the greatest love and dating show on the menu.


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From “Turn merry-go-round” to “Love is in the meadow” through “The Bachelor”, “Married at first sight”, “Les Z’amours” or even “The island of temptation”, allowed by televised many romantic encounters, beautiful declarations of love and beautiful emotional moments, but also some… rake and giggle! Return to these iconic moments.

“20 years of television love” is…

Lightning bolts

1/5th of a second is the time it takes to feel love at first sight… In 1/5th of a second, the hands tremble, the heart races, the butterflies in the stomach fly…

Since September 2005, a program to help single farmers find the love of their life on the M6. This cult program is proud to have helped 87 farmers find their halves. Love at first sight, moments of grace and anthology, encounters with God, and sometimes even rakes: all the ingredients of a true fairy tale are on the small screen thanks to the show Love is in the pasture.

Belief in Prince Charming

Love at first sight is open to all who believe that fairy tales are not only in books… It is not enough to believe in Prince Charming to find him: and that some singles understand this very well.

Initiated by Stéphane Rotenberg, a program landed like a bomb in 2003. A program that allows a handsome, rich and intelligent man to find his other half among 25 suitors, all of them also perfect . Amidst beautiful encounters, crushes, stolen kisses and anthology rakes, the “bachelor” became a cult…


Find a soul mate

Thanks to all these shows, finding your soul mate through the small screen is a possible mission!

One of the oldest love shows on television has given us amazing moments of laughter… Boys and girls who don’t meet each other have to answer questions to get to know each other better and decide if they like each other to discover each other. the end. Thus Turn the Carousel opens the door to great stories, but also great jokes. Another program offers to open a curtain.

Behind this big white cloth, lovers came to express themselves, friends came to meet, families came to forgive each other… Presented by Lawrence Fontaine and Pascal’s War for 5 years, the issue Only the truth matters our nights are back and forth…

To find love, you might as well look for it in the dark. One show seeks to test the theory: is love really blind? Singles come to test the famous saying, they have 3 days to meet and seduce each other… in the dark. These meetings in total darkness often go wrong, causing unexpected situations. Here in the show Love is blind the public discovered sulfur for the first time Nabilla who won all the votes on the boys side.

dream of marriage

Once the soul mate is found, this love must be sealed with the final result: marriage! If some shows offer to find love in the dark, now a show offers singles to discover themselves… in the town hall! A marriage before even knowing each other, based on a percentage of compatibility established by a group of experts? This is the crazy bet that television dares to take the movie Married at first sight.

“20 years of love on television” is also a conspiracy, deception, or even being deceived by temptation.

With the outstanding participation tonight of: Stéphane Rotenberg, Bruno Guillon, Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine, Elsa Fayer, Isabelle Morini-Bosc, Eric Dussart, Estelle Dossin, Olivier Siroux, Greg Basso, Vivien and Charline, Matthieu and Laure, Jérôme and Lucile, Hervé and Stéphanie, Eric Lampaert , Angelina Toffoli (Adeline)Brandon, Diana Jones.

Capture the video

Jérôme and Lucile, still very much in love because Love is out in the pasture, answer some questions about their couple. Do they have the same answer?

Look for “20 years of television love” also on streaming and of course on replay on 6PLAY.

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