“The Prefecture” by Pulchérie Gbalet: Enthusiasm or Debrief?

Pulchérie Edith Gbalet, President of the Ivorian Citizen Alternative (ACI)

He (Pulchérie Gbalet) couldn’t have asked for better, especially after his slogan calling for the “dead city” remained (surprisingly) a dead letter like a strike by postal workers, observers and especially the most alarmed among us, no longer sell their skin (very) expensive!

We believe, because it is necessary to coincidentally validate and experiment with a (new) instrument whose revolutionary character remains to be demonstrated, the relevance of a method that consists in evaluating the vibrations of the cursor , by systematic and random counting of vehicles. that day in our streets! We forget that the accumulation of engine failures, general phlegm and many other unpredictable factors can explain this desolate road that we are clinging to like a lifeline to the extreme!

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Once in Côte d’Ivoire, the fluidity of the road is questioned! Once fluidity was pinned to measure the success of an operation! Finally the joy of less congested streets is declared as a road factor in favor of the success of the watchword! Obviously, this confused scale with the inconvenience of being far away, was not convincing. Should we let the social star of our national icon disappear without reaction? That was the question!

In fact, there is no harm in leaving your country through the official route of the sky and the air, to go and measure for yourself the nature and extent of this problem in the area.

The excuse of a trip to a sister country like Mali, where unfortunately there is a case of 49 Ivorian soldiers, is a grace of the presidency of ACI! As it must return one way or another at the risk of losing face forever, the idea of ​​internationalizing the cause of social action, is ultimately the exit door and the entrance door from which everyone must go. ! And it’s all done!

The actress and activist of the Ivorian civil society, Pulchérie Edith Gbalet
The actress and activist of the Ivorian civil society, Pulchérie Edith Gbalet

This is why the version that wants to find itself a putschist activist or a putschist helper will not progress! In fact, there is nothing wrong with leaving your country by the official route of the sky and air, to go and measure for yourself the nature and extent of this problem in the area?! Especially when we know that the work he has been doing since his release from prison on April 28, 2021, wants him and his team to have physical and visual and even spiritual contact, with victims or without!

This is what we can call: “body to body action”! Maybe some would prefer him to deal with this very sensitive topic without going to Mali, where are our brothers in delicacy? Rather than consider paying him his plane ticket and the expenses incurred on this extremely patriotic trip, in a country currently experiencing an unstable political cycle, our law enforcement officials , which I am friendly suspected to be part of his closed circle of ” the most active fans club” in the square, made a completely different choice!

By going to Mali because of his brothers who are there, it is appropriate to salute the quality of his patriotism and his love for others.

If Pulchérie’s intention is to carry out a coup d’etat (attack on the security of the State and conspiracy to attack the security of the State), against the institutions of our country, it must be regretted that he is a poor activist in the field of military strategy, who will return to his bases when he has gone into hiding by leaving parents and children in Abidjan?

By going to Mali because of his brothers who are there and for whom until now there is no solution in the country of the solution, it should not fail to salute the quality of his patriotism and his love for others, to be recognized a specific one. merit of keeping the logic of the proximity imposed on him by his social activities. We may not love him and in Côte d’Ivoire those who love him don’t always find the words and actions to let him know!

In his defense, if the target of the action is almost half of the country’s population, i.e. 14 million inhabitants, we will not try to organize an event like the ghost town, forgetting to join forces with partners in society. . His first real speech (July 19) which finally turned into a successful test balloon, was not bitten by the fish due to overconfidence.

Pulchérie Edith Gbalet
Pulchérie Edith Gbalet hosted a press conference on Thursday, July 7, 2022 at her headquarters in Cocody

I am careful not to confuse overconfidence with sick stupidity! We hope that the next watchword or word of action will benefit from broad and straightforward support for great success! I think, in the light of past events, that it is necessary in the future not to understand the strict sensu nature of the social sympathy given to him by the majority of Ivorians with a good heart, with sympathy from another order!

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Which is under another strategy with new and inspiring concepts! Once again, congratulations to Pulchérie for being “like a Grande”, succeeding in the internationalization of her organization with the unconditional and tireless support of her precious admirers found in the camp that we did not suspect! See you Tuesday, August 09, 2022 for the second round of the police headquarters!


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Pulchérie Gbalet: “This is how my trip to Mali was programmed”

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